Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra - Kees Bakels

After the Collect ONP Campaign, rested for a few hours.
Get ready up for Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra~
Kees Bakels was the conductor

Arrived @ KLCC early in time to collect the tickets and to rent a coat.
A shot of KLCC @ night :)
Still looking for peeps to go Skybridges

Went to their Box Office to collect the tickets :)

Met Nadirah who is so friendly to pose for me :)
One month passed, would she still read my blog?
I did tell her I will blog about this event, but didn't expect to delay for almost one month~~ ^@^"

So this is the passes that I got, asked Nadirah where to rent coat and there I go searching for it.

Haha, another two ladies willing to pose for me
Raznasyemi and Nancy~
This is where I rent my MPO Coat

Yes, they have their own brand.
I was wearing the smallest size available. Luckily they rent it for FREE!

Did you saw it?
"Nuffnang Bloggers"!!

The tickets tange from RM 20 to RM 85
How much do you think the ticket Nuffnang gave?
I am sure it is not cheap as we sit at very front rows.

I was wandering around KLCC while waiting for Wern
Does HUGO BOSS Perfume smelled nice ?

Went to toilet to see if the coat suit me
Sigh, it still looks a bit large for me.
"Do I look smart enough?" XD

People in KLCC do walk very fast one
Not like Melaka, people walk slow, drive slow.
Even at the traffic lights you also need to wait "99"*
(We need to wait for more than 99 seconds, but it is only 2 digits available to show how long we need to wait, that's why it is always "99"

Since Wern and me meet at the wrong place, we were late to the Orchestra
Luckily got 1 TV for us to look outside right?
Can see how Kees Bakels conduct the people, and not his butt ;p

A photo with Wern before we go into the hall
Decided not to wear the tie as it looks too formal for me.
If you dun like coat you can wear batik too.

During the show, Kees Bakels conducted well and I did enjoy the music.
One thing that I dun really understand is why he keep go in go out after the show end ;p
I wonder if he forgot to thanks someone? Or it is because we keep clapping and sounds like an encore to him?

Not forget to mention Kees Bakels is a funny guy when he is giving his speech ;p
I am very impressed with the Violin Solo guy
Not everyone can play violin very well, if something not right it would sounds like people killing the chicken...

As a blogger, I can't stop myself to snap some photo.
First attempt, forgot to turn off the flash...
Nvm, this photo show you that a young girl is also interested to Orchestra~

My second attempt, a photo after the whole show end.
Why people not allowed to take photo in the hall?
Even after the performance ended?
The Orchestra Hall has a unique design, too bad can't snap it openly.

Met MonWei and Tzia
MonWei has the talent of identifying which key the musician playing. Impressive ;p

I looks abit noob in this photo as I dont know where to put my hands
If put hand in coat it looks weird.
Any good suggestion where to put our hand when taking picture like this?
Gotta learn how to pose from them already.
I mean, guys pose ;p

First time met PamSong in person
Misspelled the "Pam" into "Pump"
Sorry XD

Everybody is setting up their camera for group photo.
Really a lot of camera ar!

I forgot if those gadgets (PSP, NDS Lite, 3 mobile phones) all belongs to Christ.
Eventually it become the tools for photograph

The group photo for Nuffies~!

The last photo, went to return my coat after the show.

Here I would like to thanks Nuffnang for giving us a chance to enjoy music in
Dewan Filharmonik Petronas

You took my first time, again!


Last 2 weeks before the contest end~
Really hope you can support me in winning an iPod Nano~
All you have to do is just register @

Make it as my brthday present kay? ^@^"

Thank you!


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