I'm a Standout in Life

Since I was young, I am already a standout kid. I was born in the last day of the year
Yeap! December 31st
Was born to have fair white skin
People always celebrate New Year by counting down my birthdayz...
When I was 4 years old I still looks angelic innocent
*Angel & Halo was drawn by using different fonts in Picasa 3*
Is this my standout part also? Creativity ;p

Mentioned about creativity, I directed a short movie
"Chips or Belle" @ Chipster Superstar

Hope to get your support starting in June~ :)
Will have more movie if I have the time to direct

And broadcast my voice specially for Nuffnang Music Bash

It somehow show what I want to do if I am a standout "Musicon Celebrity".
Most scenery pictures were taken by me :)

I Was still a noob kid when I had graduated from kindergarten. (Not "KinderGarden")

I got a "Harry Potter's Scar" on my forehead when I was Standard 4. I remember I was jumping between edges of the "longkang" a.k.a. ditch. Suddenly I slipped and my head directly hit on the edge. My head keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding...blood. What I did was run to my grandma and cry for help... I still remember the feeling when the doctor actually sewing my head but without much pain ;p

That is my very first scar.

During Primary School, I was standout because of my "Curry Puff" hairstyle(The 3rd boy from left). I still remember my grandma help me to do the hair every morning before I go to school. I had maintained this hair style for more than 6 years until I was Form 3.

During secondary school, I was a still a tiny short guy with the Curry Puff Hairstyle. Only start growing up when I was Form 4. Ya, I have really late puberty. Is it because I am a year end baby? Please guess how old I am this year.

Nothing much standout during my secondary school.
BUT it becomes different after I study in university.
I decided to study Biotechnology in UTAR and you can see the ratio between male and female is really obvious. Probably 6 female : 1 male. I didn't know Biotechnology was a favourite course for girls. So, the guys standout among the crowd :)

Therefore, it is really normal if you saw me taking pictures with my fellow course mates XD

Usually whole group of us will go to have lunch together

8 vs 1 (During Final year Project Presentation)

Last time I used Paint to "photoshop" Coco Lee become RouZhing. As a birthday present for her because she likes Lee Hom
Photoshop is still not my standout part yet :)

I like outdoor activities, therefore you can see my fellow friends with me @ Sungai Gabai

Crawled into a tree log

Climbed on the top of rocks

Wait wait, I need to write about what standout in my life right?
Here it is
I believe not much people went to the top of their Uni right?
Haha, I was at the top of UTAR FES Admin Block (The highest building among the others)
I believe my juniors will recognize the view here XD
So, me and some of my coursemate had "conquer" UTAR's Rooftop

Since CJ7 become famous, I had a nickname "Chad Zai"
This is the BIG eye "Chad" Zai
A graduation gift from my mom.
"Chad" Zai can dance, but the real life TianChad don't know how to dance ;p
"Chad" Zai looks like me in certain way, its big eyes.

I got some special gift from my sister (DearBear3) during my graduation day
A Handmade Tiger Doll and the Tiger Bean Keychain, with CTC labeled on it.
Why would my sister give me Tiger? Cos I was born in Tiger year! ^@^
Doesn't that made me had a connection with Tiger beer? Haha!

Here is a closer look for Tiger Bean Keychain
A Tiger King Wearing a Graduation Hat

To Dearbear: This little Tiger was being taking good care at my hometown now :)

I am interested in microbiology and fermentation. The above bacteria named Pseudomonas fluorescen, which was used in my final year project. It glows under UV lights. After graduate, what do I do? I deal with microbes again, does that make me Standout? I have potential to create bio-weapon leh, more standout now?
*PS: I am more interested in producing environmental friendly microbes (EM) that can cure the mother nature*

As if you don't know. Currently I am working in a biofertilizer company, doing microbes' R&D lab work. Sometimes accident do happen
I accidentally burnt ALL my hands fur away because of leaking gas. It really hurt...During that time I feel cold easily as my hand is furless. Now the furs grow back and become even more longer! So for those who want longer hand furs, you can try it! XD
PS: Do it at your own risk!

First time in FHM magazine "Because of Hsiao Fan I was in FHM"
That was my first issue and my letter was published the next month.

Okay, this is a post that I haven't write
The SOS Project @ Johor
(Saving Our Seahorse)
This is a REAL & ALIVE Seahorse
We searchng for it and tag it for Population Survey
Do I standout when I am contributing something on saving seahorses?
I know, it is just a little effort that I have gave out. :)

Besides what was stated above, I think I have a standout "thick face"
I dare my self to take picture with the celebrities that I met
Belinda Chee @ CapSquare Earth Hour
Third time! Thanks LiErn for asking to CapSquare~

Marion Caunter @ CapSquare EarthHour

Second time met her @ A Night In Rome
(Still haven't post about this yet ;p)

And requested for a photo together with Stella
Stella Chung @ Mahkota Parade, Melaka

Hey I don't take photo with female celebrity only la ;p
Here is the young Caprice, he is younger than me and more successful than me!
It was Henessy Artistry Event ( still in delayed post)

I like his song "Dem Girl"
In his MV it showed that Caprice was surrounded by all Dem girls
I also surrounded by alot of girls since I was in Uni
Is this why I am standng out and labeled as a womanizer??

Harith Iskandar also @ Hennessy Artistry Event

And lately at MDG2 finale took a photo with Will Quah

Actually how do I get to met these celebrities and took photo with them?
It all start with blogging and my little "thick face"
Yes! After I start blogging I meet more friends and it is a must to talk to each other right?
That is where I trained my "thick face"

If you haven't notice I actually met BelindaChee(St Patrick Shamrock'D) , Marion Caunter (A Night In Rome) because of the Nuffnang's Advertisement :)

Thanks a lot Nuffnang! ^@^
You had give me many countless opportunity to meet with new people and make be braver to take pictures with others.

I met a lot of bloggers and here we got blogger celebrity too!
KennySia @ MDG 2 Finale

Huai Bin @ MGD2 Finale too

KY, Audrey(fourfeetnine) & Tey Cindy @ A Night In Rome

And a blogger who is going to be married - KimOng
Congratz :)

You can also meet some pretty and standout blogger too :)
Tzia @ PC Fair
And Jamie @ Nuffnang Music bash
They are both standout enough to get Nuffnang sponsor for their own domain~!
*I still dun have mine as I am not standout enough, yet ;p*

Not long ago, I myself standout as a blogger celebrity signing on the board of
LG Blog Launch Party
In short, I am a standout in life because
  • I am a lucky Dec 31st baby.
  • Have a mere relationship with Tiger Beer because I was born in Tiger Year? (Now you know how old I am)
  • Late puberty that make me looks young (Actually I am still growing. I am serious!)
  • Can draw a picture using characters. (The Angel in my first photo)
  • Directed a short movie (Chipster Superstar)
  • Broadcast my voice to standout in Nuffnang Music Bash
  • Have a "Harry Potter" Scar on my forehead
  • Have "Curry puff" hairstyle for more than 6 years
  • Study in UTAR Biotechnology a.k.a. the Girl's Course. Thus I am in a world of girls
  • A Womanizer (Labeled by Nicole,is it true??)
  • Conquered UTAR Rooftop
  • Culture beneficial microbes to save the mother earth
  • Saving our seahorse (SOS)
  • Have a "Thick Face" to take photo with all the celebrities and bloggers
Basically I am a Standout in Life!
*Self snap @ Broga Hill XD*

Oh ya, almost forgot to tell you another standout part of me is my cold jokes
I am sure people who know me well will had a frost attack atleast once

Here is a joke I accidentally found today in the office.

I had a new hair cut and one of my Malay Colleage asked
"Chen, awak sudah potong rambut kah?"
"Ya, baru potong semalam. Bila kak nak potong?"
*I forgot to mention "rambut" *
She keep silence and other people laughed ~

Wonder why? XD

So are you standout in your life too? Come join me @ StandOut with Tiger & Nuffnang
How? Join Nuffnang and write a post about how you standout in life and email to standout@nuffnang.com
For more info please click here

If you think I am standout in my life, come!
Be my ruumate!
Spend your 1 minutes to sign up would just help me win an iPod Nano!
Thanks! ~ ^@^


  1. Hey bro, after reading this post, I really feel that your life is interesting! Seriously, you joined so many meaningful and interesting event! Solute!

  2. Hahaha you sure took a lot of photos with people ^^

  3. Bravo!!! Good Post!!!!Gosh, hope you win a coach for me XD

    But i think male blogger cannot win coach =x

  4. [Zues]
    Haha bro you are also a stand out person le. There are more Nuffnang event comings up now. Hope to meet you there!

    yeah, and I am charging my battery for StanOut party to take tons of photo with u just to have a good one!Will u bring wafu pafu together? XD

    The Coach is for best female dresser during the event~
    You dressed as a male to win X-Box for me? ;p

    Thanks Joshua :) There are a lot more people who stand out i life ;p


    although we just knew each other recently, i'd knew that your 'outstandingness' would bring you further! keep up the good work!! and do bring me out often!i want to 'absorb' the 'coolness aura' from you...HAHA!

    as for your age, i think those who read chinese can identify your age based on your primary school class photo.. i'll keep your age as secret for those who doesn't notice that...hahaha!

  6. [XeRoZ ZJ]
    Wah, u sounds very excited! ;p

    My honor to have you coming out for the movie screenings and events :)
    Ask Nicole to blog hard for next event wor

    Haha I am a Tiger Baby sure they know how old I am XD

  7. keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding...blood =.=

  8. heyo, thats a pretty good entry. if i ever get the invitation lets take pics together. xD

  9. [tcchuin]
    Wahaha ;p

    Haha, if you saw me remember to say hi :)


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