I'm Officially Broke This Month...=.="

One day when I was driving on the way to Damansara
My GPS Garmin suddenly closed
So I try open back the program while driving on the jammed LDP

Searching for the place again and too concentrated on the GPS
Which resulting my dear car kissed somebody's butt.
I mean... somebody's car butt

Both the "Back-eyeS" were broken and its bumper was crashed too.
The first eye

And the second missing eye

Guess what happened to my car?
Nothing happened! Miracle...

Is it because of the soft material used as the bumper??
Just feel like recent car design have poor soft body.

Once upon a time, it was said that once you scratch off the paint of your car You can see the MILO people cycling, swimming or even running.
You know what MILO tin made of right? ;p

I ask him to call me after he repaired his car as I am rushing and lets deal it fast
He scare I just run off and ask for my IC, take photo of everything, including me
At first it does sounds funny, but what would you do if you encounter this? :)
I will still do what he did
Capture everything.

After a few days, we arrange a good day to meet after he get his car repaired
Snap some sky photos while waiting :)
This is one of my good shoot
Traffic jam while the sky turn dark quickly

After waiting for a period of time, he came and showed me his brand new car :)
So as promise I paid him for the repair

The fees to adjust back the bumper RM160.00
And the service fees, so called miscellaneous cost me Rm 180.00!!....
Is it really so hard to repair the bumper? Cost so much some more...

This little tiny thing cost me RM 37.00 ea

So total up RM 422
Officially broke for this month
I was planning to use those money for my "To-be-cracked-PSP3000"
But seems like I need to raise the money again!! T.t

This is the lovely souvenirs I get from him

Total Loss: RM 422
Total Gain: Two broken device, a lesson, and a new friend :)

So look at the brightside, I paid RM 400 ++ but I met a new friend! ;p

Currently I am in the contest to win iPod Nano by recruiting friends to join ruumz
I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is a real contest :)
I hope my blog readers and my dear friends will support a broke guy
Only need to spend your 2 minutes to sign up and your little support will make a significant difference!!

Hey...Did I tell you that after you joined you will be able to win yourself an iPod Nano too? :)

So, let see how many angels arrived and support me :)
Appreciate for your supports!!


  1. hey ya, be more careful while drive ler =X

    and i saw a huge elegant eagle in ur sky photo =X

  2. [Mr. New Dilemma]
    I was driving a Proton Wira and his car is a Myvi :X

  3. LMFAO!! I can't believe you gave you the broken stuff. Is it actually yours or did he really "gift" you them?? =P It's pretty cool you two became friends though. I guess life really is funny like that.

  4. [★ whoaamello ★]
    Actually it is me who ask for the broken stuff ;p It is better to make a new friend rather than enemy right? ;p

    Btw, thanks for dropping by~!


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