UTAR Gathering @ Sushi Zanmai + Monsters vs Aliens Screening

Yesterday, was a rush day for me :)
Had our little UTAR gathering @ Sushi Zanmai (The Garden)
Here is the beloved F4
PickSan, Kuek, RouZhing and SuLin

TianChad, ChunJin and
MunMun the "Sabah-Dark-Baby" is back

My colourful Kakiage Don
(Prawn with rice)
Tasted not bad =)

Ah Kuek's raw Salmon + ____ Fish
Very raw taste

The "Crunchy-Sushi"
*No time to record their name ^@^" *

YeeKai's "Steamed Fish Egg+Eggs "

Ah Kuek did a great pose with her Curry Don

This is it, looks so curry, haha!

My dear coursemate didn't like to eat the vege (red, green, black)
End up all get inside my bowl
It is colourful, isn't it?

Another picture of Ah Kuek with the "V" pose
She was a ex-sailormoon without the hair-bulbs
Her superpower is SALAP

At last a picture of the guys
Me, ChunJin and YeeKai :)

Since I am abit rushing, we took the group photo earlier
Two person looks dark because of the lights

And we all looks yellow because of double flash.
Hmm...any recommendation??

Okay, 8.45PM quickly rush to KLCC for the Monsters vs Aliens Screening
I did arrive in time but only left first seats row
This time forgot to take photo with my sister...
My sis's fingers witht he Tickets + 3D Glasses

Didn't manage to take photo of me and my sis, BUT manage to take Wern's photo! XD

It is a bit tired to sit at the first row because your head keep looking up
Somemore it is 3D, need to focus on the right point to see the image clearly.
I wonder if there is any better 3D glasses

PS: Next time dun sit too far or too near when you are watchng a 3D movie :)
Sit at the centre wil be the best!

Overall, the movie does made me had a good laugh
B.O.B. really didn't disappointed me :)
I still remember when he said "I may not have brain, but I have an idea"
What a funny scene after that
Still can't remember he accidentally killed the Alien XD

Dr. Cockroach is voiced by "Dr. House"
*If you watch House you will know who is he :)*

Monsters versus Aliens is a comedy, so do go and watch it and have a goodl augh :)
Thanks Nuffnang!

Thanks to LG XD
I am able to watch the Korean BREAK OUT Extreme Dance Comedy this Saturday~!

Found 2 preview for this show

How do I win the tickets?
Make a RSS Feed at www.lgblog.com.my to participate in thier free gift contest :)

last but not least, get yourself an iPod Nano for free here!


Blur Pei said…
huiyoh...went to Garden din ask me out also!! hmph! hmph! I just work there only, the boulevard office...omgyamacici...

But is ok la. he he, i very shy one. not so close with them yet. ^^ so enjoy ya!

So the movie nice??
cklim said…
wow, all still leng chai and leng lui..haha
TianChad田七 said…
So many Joanne which one are you? ;p
A picture of you is alot better than rabbit XD

The movie is nice for a good laugh :) A good movie to release stress!

haha, you also became a lengzai @ Glasgow ;p
Blur Pei said…

I'm jia pei la...dono me? go click n view my blog... so disappointed..
TianChad田七 said…
I am disappointed too ;p
What I saw is a coffee rabbit but no JiaPei~ ;p

Thanks for your support la~
Join ruumz would ya?

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