TianChad's #2010was a Revolution!

Since it a bit troublesome to review month by month, I will pick certain posts in every month while look back at 2010. Whether it is a success or bad encounter in 2010. Ah, a person can change a lot in just 12 months right?

JANUARYEarly in 2010, I have figured out that staying in a lab with a 9-5 fix hour job is not my future vision. It took me quite long time until I dare to take an action in April.

Bought my first DSLR Nikon D90 and it serving me well starting that day.
The reason to get a DSLR is I wanna take more nice looking photo especially at night.
Thanks to Xeroz couple to buy along with me =)

Down with dengue fever and only manage to find out after I am recovering with itchy hands and limbs. Lucky for not being sent to hospital =)

Blog featured on The Star R.AGE
A little success to get this page noticed~

Kris Allen music showcase thanks to LG for invite~
First time impressed with my DSLR because it produce nicer picture~

The biggest sunflower me and my friend ever planted.

The Amazing Disgrace for Funniest Slurpee video contest
You can see me almost fully naked
PS: If you don't wanna see a skinny dude doing 'wolf' action better don't click the above link


A search story involve blogging + Nuffnang + TianChad
I quite my job and April 1st is my first freedom day. Not April Fool of course =)
Left my 9-5 fix hour job and starting my blogging career.

It is wrong to have "Making Money" as first motive in blogging, you still need good personal interest to keep it going. For me, photography and sharing is my motivator.


Met the kid @ Rumah Kid for Crocs Charity event. Zee Avi the special guest
Do charity is nice, blog about it is nicer~!

I am too pale in almost every photo. But great experience to spend with Joyce an open eye photographer.

Be a hair model of Toni Hair Saloon Academy
It is a nice experience as you get to train a hair stylist(how they should deal with customer and design a hairstyle you like) and get a FREE haircut ;p

Winning video for Slurpee Contest with RedButtockz
PS: Don't click Play button if cannot withstand naked scene lol

My second video with MsXeroz =)
Who is worst driver? Was kinda noob with taking+ edit video

Congratz! You have read half year of my 2010!
Take a break or else you might have tiring eyes


See the biggest + widest full rainbow in my life
Of course can't fight with this guy that fell in love with full + double rainbow =)
He "Woah!" all the way and keep "OMG", I guess he cried too? Please don't imagine me doing that

Witness Wakaka Crew win Showdown 2010
Malaysia have talents and now Showdown 2011 is coming~

Wakaka's Waka Waka Winning Dance

AUGUSTInstead of buying a smartphone, I win one BB Bold back home~
Thanks to DiGi and Nuffnang

My first time being taught how to touch many different breast to satisfy my future spouse
Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign of course~

Johnnie Walker gave me a chance to be a JW Pit Crew Experience
Now I am good at screwing people *just kidding*

Party at JW Black Circuit Lounge after a tiring day as a pit crew
Yeah there are tons of beautiful and handsome looking people that night

It tooks me 2 years ++ to reach this number but seems like I will spend less time to reach 200k this time? =D All thanks to the readers around the world~


First test drive experience with Volkswagen Polo Golf and Scirocco, all thanks to Nuffnang =D
PS: Haven't blog about it cos I tends to make things perfect before it is ready to be on blog. Got video and tons of photos for sure~

Hennessy Artistry MIECC Press Conference
Aisa is just cute + pretty =D
A close contact with the artists

Video of all the artists performing in HA 2010 @ MIECC

Can you see the morning dew on every leaves? Sometimes nature scene is just too awesome, that's why I like to travel~

Joined GSC Treasure Hunt as the new media and can say it is not easy to hunt for the clue, especially when you are driving and hoping not causing jam on the road.

LG Malaysia Digital Team gathering at The Bee Jaya One

Been blogging for LG Blog for more than a year and a half and gotta say big thanks to LG people for giving me the chance to serve the company~ Esp Ms Seow for approaching me first =)


Went to Singapore with friends for the first time
Pictures on Facebook and more in my PC that haven't share
R u interested~?

Glad that people like photos taken in Peter Pan The Musical, especially the dancers =D


Met Gary Chaw in person and manage to take photo with him =)
Thanks to Sony Music Malaysia especially Kel Li~

This is how my physical changed over years ever since I start using Facebook. Thanks to PummelVision for the video!

Well, everything seems happened so fast and I am glad that I have a blog to remember what happened(Sometimes I am forgettable). It is like a personal diary but was shared with everyone around the world. I can say through blogging I knew lots more friends that happen to be part of my life. Thanks and appreciate you guys who made my life merrier.

My birthday wish would be everyone in this world can give some love instead of waiting to receive love. Without trust many thing can become ugly too. As always, "Look at the brightside, my site~! ". Hope I can keep transform and become a better man in 2011.

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  1. congratz tian chad..i believe more success u will get in the future...hey,when u will be featured as project alpha guest blogger?

  2. Thanks Cat&Mouse~
    May our 2011 more awesome together~


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