Landed . To Survive . Must Fly

Last year this DragonFly has landed himself at a place where he feel comfortable and fun to stay in. He had bunch of nice new family member and learned lots of stuffs from there where he can't get it from school. (Dragonfly also need to go to school one ar. Just my assumption) Now he know how to catch a fly after countless practices.

Found a place. Landed On It

However, times flew and desire grew. He no longer want to catch fly cos he feel that the place he is in now will not able to make him survive in long term basis. If he stay at the same point and do no changes, he won't even able to take care of others that he care because the "harvest" he get after working so hard is just less than enough.

To be survive, he need to fly.

The Dragonfly don't want to stay at the same point for ever. He is ready to fly and looking for new landing point, which is a place where he can get better "harvest" and chase his dream.

Dragonfly was sad, but he must make a change to survive. So, look at the brightside, just do it!


[Wen Pink]
Yeap =D Thanks for the compliment!
StevenBoy1986 said…
you buy DSLR already??? waoo... so envy....
Haha no ar, I am still using my compact camera Lumix FX100. =)
Thank You =D Wish you allt he best too

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