Camp5 Pro Climber Wall Launch @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Camp5 Asia's largest climbing gym just got bigger! Early December 2010 marks the launch of the latest addition in Camp5, the "Pro Climber Wall".

Najlaa the emcee that day and Jeremy Peet, the director of Camp5 giving welcome speech. December 1st 2010 marks the 5th birthday of Camp5, so they launched the new wall "Pro Climber Wall".

Immediately after the speech, the new "Pro Climber Wall" was launched by Y Bhg Dato' Teo Chiang Kok, Director of 1 Utama Shopping Centre with Jeremy Peet, Director of Camp5. The "Pro climber Wall" has been awarded and recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records as the 'Tallest Indoor Climbing Wall in Malaysia'.

Why are they looking at the sky?

Zam (Hafzanizam Bakhori) is a sports climber widely regarded as Malaysia's best, who can count two Asian X-Games silver medals among his vast trophy collection.With 11 years of climbing experience, he climbed the "Pro Climber Wall" and reach the top in just minutes!

This is his pose after successfully reach the top! *salute*

You can enjoy free fall too after the climb. Bungy jump I can la, but not free fall from rock climb ;p

First time see this kind of caution message. Remember to use your leg instead of your back to lift and carry.

Food was served and I personally like this Fruit Platter~! Pomegranate, kiwi, mango, grapes+++ Super fruitful ar =D Of course there are more food has been served~

Jeremy Peet was interviewed by 8TV Quickie.
Can you see the passion in him? ;p

Walking around Camp5 and saw this Beginner training wall. It looks like a face where you can climb on it.

Camp5 practice go green and recycle by categorize the trash.

Unique and simple locker room

The shower room that brings you back to the 60's? Nope, they provide hot water bath too =)

Camp5 is founded on the principle that "Everyone Can Climb". So little newbie like us also have the chance to try climbing around Camp5. Nigel is climbing the wall using automated machine to hold you tight. Means you can climb alone without needing a partner standing and hold you tight (using the rope of course).

Nigel's look after manage to reach the top and safely landed on floor haha. I guess Nigel like to stick his tongue out? He did similar pose during Melaka homestay.

There is one trick when doing rock climbing, use your leg as the main support to climb instead of your hands. Because if not you will have very sore shoulder or cause injury without proper training. Good to know that Camp5 Climbing Gym providing the training service =)

This is the "spider" side of XiangCool. I totally agree that through rock climbing you will able to have wider shoulder and six/eight packs with frequent visit.

Who else was there? Leonard Chua, BBoyRice Jeremy, BryanLyt and the Quickie guy (What's his name? ;p)

We were trying to stay on the wall and jump together at the same time. Unfortunately we failed and this is the best look out of all photos lol.

The winner for the best pose on the Camp5 wall granted to Leonard Chua =)

This is how we looks like after few tries. Very tired one ar! Noticed the blue shirt guy? He is Daniel and he wrote a lot regarding the climbing experience =) [Read here]

Here are all the Camp5 members and I personally like this picture very much =D
Outgoing and open mind = good expression = good photo :)

Last but not least, please pay a visit to Camp5 Climbing Gym cause Bruce Lee @ Jeremy Peet is welcoming you to challenge him for the new launched Pro Climber Wall!

Location of Camp5 Climbing Gym
EZ 501, 5th Floor,
1Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama, Damansara,
47800, Malaysia.

Get latest update of Camp5 Climbing Gym @ Facebook Page and their official website

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  1. So you can climb too! Let's do it together one day!
    Between, Merry X'mas to you! :))

  2. Everyoen can climb =) I still need to go through those training first ar.
    Happy holiday to you too!


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