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MSS Day 6: Time to Say Goodbye

"Time to say goodbye ", imagine Citra singing as Sarah Brightman

After 5 days of travelling around Selangor, it is time for us to say goodbye. In morning we ate breakfast again at Atrium Cafe & Lounge @ Sunway Pyramid Hotel. Same breakfast same menu. I was blurred till didn't know bloggers from Indonesia [Alid Abdul, Fadli Idris, Citra Rahman, Husni Fahrizal] and some local bloggers [Victor Lee, Azuan Zahdi, Abang Ben, Abang Iman] has went back as early as 5AM and I didn't manage to take group photo with them =S

Feeq left earlier as soon as we just go down to have breakfast

So here are the bloggers who still stay and I manage to take photo with:

The lovely couple: Chia Li & KK@ Norman, and Dylan the guy who can eat a lot but never get fat

The mother and son - Kak Zara and Zaid

RunWithMe a.k.a. Max
He has a T-Shirt named "Running Naked", not sure if he did that =)

Sylistic @ Sy Yuan from Singapore and Spectre the Magician-that-taught-us-magic [Inside Joke] You can see his magic here!

Dian a very kind girl that know all places in Ampang and Thristhan is like a big brother for me =)

Denise Phang, one of the contributor for recording my bungy video

Jing Yi, a chinese blogger that is kind enough to stand under hot sun to record my bungy video too

Wen Yi, a girl that doesn't look as "wen-rou" as her name sounds like. Still remember she hitting me hard because didn't record the video when taking the 360 Degree Pirate Ship Ride. But okay la I still can tahan lol.

Nicole Chua @ MsXeroz - My good blogging buddy along the trip where people thought we are together. LOL! She is attached with Xeroz by the way hoho.

Ah, who did I missed out?

Amelia Tan - The SuperWoman of My Selangor Story that taking care all of us along the whole week. I am sure she get headache just to deal with us and congratz that she made it throught! Lol! [Decided to use this picture because this picture looks best!]

After breakfast, we returned our loaned Pentax Camera

Spend last few hours play heart attack at room

Then do a quick check out at noon! Thanks for the express check-out box.

In short, My Selangor Story ends with me driving myself back instead of me being fetched by a bus/van/motor/whatever. Will miss you guys and please do keep in touch!

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PS: Due to short of time, I need to submit Day 6 post by today too! I will update this post whenever possible! =X

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