[Giveaway] NTV 7 十分红演唱会2010 Star Live Concert 2010 Tickets

NTV 7 Star Live Concert 2010 [十分红演唱会 2010] Tickets Giveaway!

《十分红演唱会2010》歌手阵容包括有新加坡创作才子JJ林俊杰及歌影视三栖红星­润东。前者无论舞曲、R&B或抒情歌曲都深入民心,在乐坛上也获奖无数,备受肯定;后­者在戏剧上成就不凡,却从未放弃歌唱事业,坚持好音乐。另外,海豚音唱将丁当、电臀天­后温岚两位能歌善舞的美女也将为演唱会增添看头;丁当的十七度音域、温岚动感热辣的舞­姿绝对High翻全场。亚洲备受瞩目的新晋偶像组合AK沉建宏陈奕组成,七、八年­级的帅气美男子也即将登陆《十分红演唱会2010》,届时也将掀起一股热潮。由MC JIN及陈奂仁组成的香港人气"新"组合也会登陆《十分红》舞台,他们一个是成功挤进­美国Billboard 200强唯一华人嘻哈饶舌歌手;另一个为多个国际巨星唱片制作人,两人凑合的演出绝对­能将演唱会气氛带到最高潮。


Are you eager to see your favourite artist perform live? JJ Lin? Wen lan? =D

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Term & Conditons:

  • Winner choose based on first come first serve basis
  • Winner will be notify through Twitter
  • The contestant must be able to reach Bukit Jalil early to redeem the pass from me =)
  • The Contestant must finish the 3 steps mentioned above for this contest.
  • Winner will win a pair of tickets for the concert Feel Good Zone B.
  • Decision made by judges is final and abiding.
  • Terms and conditions are subjected to changes without prior notice.

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