[Photos] Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere @ Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre

Here are the selected photos taken during Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere @ Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre! Attended their sneak peek performance earlier and it is true that at night the performance look nicer. Was sitting quite far that day at the Yellow chairs area and hope you guys enjoy the view from my camera =D

Wanna thanks my Nikon D90 with 18-105mm kit lens very much as I am sure my compact camera can't fight with it's capability. Picasa 3 also helps me a lot in correcting the white balance, cropping + captions. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures~!

PS: Caption for pictures will be added up later~

QuaChee - An entrepreneur with Baba Nyonya books+video and was on Men's health Magazine before. Was lucky to meet him there. Twitter make the world smaller.

Suresh, Jack Tam, Rachel Koh, Kelvin Tan, Nicole

Which smartphone has the biggest screen? Apple? HTC? Samsung

Beach Patrol shuttle van/car send the crowd to Amphitheatre
I will say walking will safe more time and healthier ;p

Picture opportunity with the Peter Pan Background

Joshua Law and his friends

We enter at 8PM++ and the amphitheatre almost full

The outlook of Peter Pan Musical stage @ Amphitheatre

Shining Crystals

Have snowing effects

Wendy, her father and the huge dog, Nana

Flying Effect - The wires quite obvious to be seen

Captain Hook and the pirates

Why would Captain Hook jump on Smee?

It is all because of the alligator, same actor for Wendy's dog Nana

Peter Pan's Bromance

They can actually act cute in many ways

The moment Peter say he love Wendy

The happy face after Peter was kissed

I kinda remember the cartoon scene where the Red Indians are playing

Twelve dancers that changed their costume lots of times

The clock or the alligator?

Fight between Red Indians and the Pirates
Can see they are laughing haha

The sword between Peter Pan and Captain Hook
The action is "WOW" for the kids only

New thing is they incorporate Christmas elements in the musical

Peter was flying away and I would like to say Nana the dog and the crocodile is cute. Till now I don't know who is the ator.

The show ended with snow

Bubbles in the air
There are two bubble machines that keep blowing out tons of bubbles

Pretend "nom-nom" the bubbles

TauFuLou the pirate aka the captain

Lots of kids came up on stage with their family to take photo. Their father was helping them to take photo. So I volunteer myself to help 3 of them take photo instead.

It is better to see them all together in a photo right? Maybe I was hoping there are more people who can be volunteer to take photo for us too.

Snapping pictures with the props

It is easier to ask the dancers to have other pose. Maybe they are the performers, more open minded and react fast? ;p

The moment when Wendy met cute kids. Or the other way round~

I like the baby's expression a lot~!

Pictures with Devi, forgot to on flash so can't see eyes ;p
Oh I can be the Ju-On Kid*

Another pictures with the dancers~!

Picture with David Kort, the choreographer of Peter Pan Musical and Chris Colby, the director of Peter Pan Musical.

The good looking dancer that WenPink and Emeryn wanna take photo with lol

Yay picture with Wendy Darling

Aaron Soo, Smee(Peter) and Captain Hook+Wendy's Father
I only able to recognize Captain Hook after can't find anyone else that looks like him ;p

The moment Jack Tam with his lovely girlfriend =D

What's my opinion after watching the musical?
Well, if you want to have good seats, come earlier as the traffic might be jam, especially during this rainy season.

Not much people know the way to Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre as there are two entrance. Therefore park your car at Sunway Pyramid and enter through the Sunway Lagoon main entrance (Near to J.Co and Starbucks).

The main reason why the musical doesn't look so nice would be the sound system. There are certain area where people can't hear what they are singing. And the mic system that the actors are wearing sounds like not functioning very well. Sometimes can hear their singing, sometimes not.

I would say Saturday 8 PM is the best time to watch Peter Pan musical. Why? The props will look nicer at night, weather will be cooler, less traffic jams too.

Hope they can improve the show by upgrade the sound systems and the mic systems for them! Nobody like to see their mouth moving but no voice at all.

Actually for people who sit at Yellow Chairs (the furthest area), we can't actually see their face clearly. So it would be nice if have two screen at the side to broadcast closer looks.

For more info about Peter Pan Musical and how to buy the tickets, visit http://www.sunwaylagoon.com/PeterPan.asp

For more pictures of Peter Pan Musical, visit the photo album @ TianChad's Blog FB Page ~!

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It's a yawnfest for me. Probably being to far. But heard for people at the VIP area that it still suck due to sound not properly amplified.
Henry Lee said…
Thank God i didnt even bother to blog and attend the musical... so much for an international showcase... :)
Joshualaw said…
You sat so far yet your pictures are all so clear! *jealous* haha
TianChad田七 said…
[Kelvin Tan]
Well, since this is the first show, I would say they need our feedback to make it better.

Glad you voicing out =)

[HenRy Lee]
Well depends on what you expect from it =) I think the expectation increased after High School Musical and Glee are born.

Thanks to the helps of my camera =D
Hope you like the pictures kay?
Taufulou said…
geng eh..you sit so far yet your picture look quite near eh~

find that the show quite okay ah.maybe i was there early sat 5th row from the front..hehe, the premier show is still a fine tunning performance for them to get last minute feed back to do improvement on Sat show.. :)

ohhh...thanks for the pic weih`
TianChad田七 said…
The nearer you sit the better the view =)

Haha thanks again to my camera with the kit lens~ Hope they fine tune it asap.

You are welcome~!
Kingston said…
Nice to see u guys are still hanging out. =)
TianChad田七 said…
Hope you doing fine there too =)
Merryn said…
it cud have been better but then again, it's not too bad as same with taufulou i was seated at the media (red seats) so we were very near to the stage and all...

still, the sneak preview was more awesome! maybe that was the first time watching them :P
TianChad田七 said…
Yeah, distance does matter =) Good to hear they are improving the performance day by day too~!

Hope sound system improve cos that's a must~!
Yeah, distance does matter =) Good to hear they are improving the performance day by day too~!

Hope sound system improve cos that's a must~!
Hope you doing fine there too =)
The nearer you sit the better the view =)

Haha thanks again to my camera with the kit lens~ Hope they fine tune it asap.

You are welcome~!
HenRy LeE ® said…
Thank God i didnt even bother to blog and attend the musical... so much for an international showcase... :)

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