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Dengue Fever Attack

Harlo all, how was your weekend? I start hoping that everyday is my weekend, no need to work and just relax at home. Fuh! Wake u from dream!

One week ago, I was attacked with fever and I feel really really weak with it. However DiGi has promised to Pimp My Day along with my teammates. So I die die also must go for it. At that moment I realize my teammates are so caring =D

At first I don't know it was dengue, I thought it is the bloody fever that makes me feel like not to do anything and just to sleep at home. I did go to company's clinic and it was after fever recovered. However I still feel weak and feel like a walking dead zombie whole day long.

I go to the clinic again once I found rashes all over my body and one of my colleague said it might me the dengue fever. So I googled about it and check the symptoms. Rashes appear after the fever. Okay, since the internet said the same thing then only I go to clinic for blood test. I feel nothing wrong at all just that I feel weak.

Red rashes all over my body

The doctor has confirmed I caught dengue fever after the first blood test. But luckily not the serious type one la since my fever already gone off. So he advised me to come and take blood test again everyday to monitor the platelets count. If platelets count increase means you are safe.

So the second day I went to do blood test during lunch hour. I guess the Doctor too hungry and rushing for lunch. He poke me very fast and I was shock with pain...After took the blood sample he said I might get black and blue because my blood is "shooting" out to the blood collecting tube instead of flowing out. [Seems like he noticed about that too]

So yeah, I have black and blue on my arm now and luckily it only hurt for one day. Lesson learned, don't ever go to the clinic during lunch hour especially for taking blood sample. The doctor might just too hungry to poke you properly.

When your body have the rashes, it means you are at the second stage of having dengue fever, some people will feel itchy but some won't, depends on your body sensitivity to the virus. I was kinda sensitive to it so I can feel the itch all over my body. I even woke up in the midnight just to scratch my body. That feeling is really not good T.t

Fortunately today, I feel less ache and itchy. No more joint pain and less sleepy today. I would like to thanks my friends who advised me to rest and drink more water + 100 Plus as they really works.

Thank god that I don't need to overnight at hospital +++

So...Take care everyone as dengue can be severe on certain individuals, once you saw mosquito must kill them or clean your house and unwantedwater containment. CNY is coming very soon enough! Don't fall a sick and remember to eat healthy! =)

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