Top 10 Sex Revelations in 2010

I guess this is my first time blogging about sex related topic. Saw this article when I register for a new Hotmail account. Understand that Christmas and New Year 2011 are coming, so the "activities" will increase tremendously and I decided to share this article.

Sex - it is something that pretty much everyone is interested in reading about whether it be tips on how to make your sex life better and pleasing your other half, to educate, or interesting results that have come from researchers after studies, surveys, research and experiments. In light of that, MSN Malaysia are pleased to present you with their top ten sex revelations for 2010 and some interesting things they have found out about sex this year.

# 10
The Kotex BodyLife IQ survey found that out of South East Asia, Malaysian women are the most ill-informed on sex related matters and ignorant on basic facts about womanhood. The survey was carried out on 1, 8000 women between 16 and 24 years in Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Malaysia. (Source: The Star)

# 9
A recent study of Malaysia and a number of other countries in Asia have found that roughly one in three Malaysian men (29 per cent) suffer from premature ejaculation. Other results from the study found that 81 per cent of men said that their relationship would improve if they could increase ejaculation time and 90 per cent wanted to be able to increase the time. (Source: Bernama)

# 8
Globally, one in three women find it hard to orgasm and most women can only climax by clitoral stimulation. Studies suggest that 28 per cent of women rarely, or never, achieve full orgasm and the first genetic study done on the female orgasm, at St Thomas' Hospital in London, found it could be down to genes. (Source:

# 7
One of the fastest growing 12-step programs (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous) is sexual addiction such as Sex Addicts Anonymous. However, the term “sex addict” isn’t in the handbook for official diagnosis used by doctors. Dr. Martin P. Kafka, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School says “There’s not enough empirical evidence to call sex an addiction at this point”. Source:

# 6
According to surveys carried out all over the world there is no 'normal' amount of time that a couple should aspire to having sex each week. There isn't a magic number of times per week that you have to achieve to indicate that you relationship is either doing well or on the rocks. The only question you may want to ask is 'is it enough for you'?

# 5
“Hundreds of thousands of people engage in virtual sex in cyberspace every day whereby two people (at minimum) `talk’ each other through sex on an internet keyboard, with masturbation to orgasm. Twelve per cent of 35 000 self-selected respondents to an internet survey said they had had sex with someone they met online.” (Source: Global sex: sexuality and sexual practices around the world; Judith Mackay.)

# 4
When a person has an orgasm, a total of six areas in the brain are affected. They are the nucleus accumbens, ventral tegmental area, pituitary gland, cerebellum, amygdala and the lateral orbitofrontal cortex. They either control emotions, release hormones, control muscle function or control behavior and reason. (Discovery Health)

# 3
A survey by Bayer Schering Pharma and Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, found that 56 per cent of young Malaysians weren’t familiar about different contraception methods available. One out of 3 didn’t use protection because they didn’t have any available at the time and 24 per cent of males didn’t use contraception because they personally are not at risk of pregnancy. (

# 2
The website,, reported that the same survey found “young people surveyed in Asia Pacific are the most likely to have sex without contraception. Of those who have already had sex, 45% have not used contraception. Young people in Asia Pacific are also more likely to not talk to their partner about contraception before having sex for the first time (37%), than any other region”.

# 1
Terengganu, a north Malaysian state, is offering sex education for elderly couples which offers to “bring back the joy of sex” and to show couples who have been married for years, how to spice things up in the bedroom and get their libido’s going again. "Because of the lack of intimacy, the couples who are already in their twilight years get more agitated and tense and this strains their marriage badly to the point of divorce” said state family development foundation head Mohamad Shafaruddin Mustafa. The state is aiming to lower the rising divorce rates. (Source: Agence France-Presse)

I've heard about guy who is irresponsible of not using protetion because they want to have more pleasure and personally are not at risk of pregnancy. Which is totally selfish act when they are not ready to have a baby or become a dad.

Most awful thing happen is he will ask the spouse to do abortion. So guys, be a responsible person if you are not ready to be a MAN yet. Please don't tell me you can't afford use contraception.

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