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A Day with Xeroz Couple to buy Nikon D90

On this sunny Saturday, I woke up early with happy smile =D

Just like this flower enjoying the morning sun

Decided to go with the Xeroz Couple (Jian and Nicole) to YL Camera Service in Pudu Plaza for my new D90. My first DSLR in my life~! Before buy the camera we went for lunch at 发记烧腊饭档 near Pudu Plaza.

发记烧腊饭档 @ Pudu Plaza

The chicken and duck tasted very well with their chili, duck sauce +ginger. Highly recommended!

See Nicole's face? The face of satisfaction + excited.

They even have nourishing notice for customer. This is a good skill to grab customer's heart. A kind of business tactic to build mutual relationship.

This is 发记烧腊饭档's menu. Many variety for you to choose

Space jump, enjoyed the food. Went to find Mr. Alvin from YL Camera Services. Saw all the saloon fulled with customers dying their hair. They even line up out side to wait. Chiense New Year coming woi!!

Mr. Alvin - the guy we are dealing with
Feel that he is quite knowledgeable and always busy with phone.

Trying to discount with Alvin but he insisted on maintain the same price. [Nothing can be done, YL already has a good reputation and not worry of losing a customer =S] Since he is one of the cheapest store that I have surveyed, decided to buy a D90 with 18-105 VR Kits lens (RM4050) .

After that, we went for a drink to explore my new baby and Xeroz's new lens.

Jian (Xeroz) bought 50mm f/1.8
Nice lens to play depth of field + can produce nice portrait & object picture in focus

Happy Xeroz when checking out my D90 ;p

Do you like "Chocolate Love" by SNSD?

Jian found out that he forgot to buy a UV filter for his new lens and decided to go back and I also wanna add screen protector to the screen before it catch a scratch.

The screen protector which costed me RM50 =X

Guess what? During the waiting time for Hong to install the screen protector, we somehow reminded Alvin to open a Facebook Fanpage for YL Camera Services.

On the spot, we help him created one fan page =D

Nicole updating their company background.

If you are YL Camera Service's customer. Do feel free to become their fans by clicking here. Hope they will organize some promotion or small contest =)

After bought the filter and add up screen protector for my new baby. We went back to Xeroz's house to relax and unboxing it. Let see what is inside.

Free normal filter lens

Nikon 4GB SDHC Memory Card

Nikon Camera Strap that will soon have my sweats on it. Random photo ar =)

Big box of D90 + AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR
(Not very pro in reading the lens name yet)

Xeroz is very nice to teach me the basic setting and how all buttons function. Thank you =)

Guess how old is the PENTAX? It is considered as antique already

Teaching and learning in action!

To end the day, we have dinner together along with Xeroz's family @ 东京海鲜饭店

Only snap photo of one of the food because I am hungry ;p

After dinner we chatting about many different stuff. I feel that Xeroz's parent is kinda cute especially his mom. We left only after the tea leaves can't give us the taste anymore.

Kay, so now finally I own a DSLR. I have assign myself new responsiblity to learn as much as possible before CNY arrive. Gotta at least learn how to do the setting for different photography.

New year resolution: Find more money earning opportunity and grab new accessories~!

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