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Alviss Kong Suicide followed by Lun Sky. Hoax or Not?

I am sure tons of Malaysian and even people from other countries already knew about this news regarding a Malaysian - Alviss Kong suicide after leaving a note and countdown on Facebook.

Picture credits to Joshuaongys.com

For this incident, he mentioned that he "wish" the new guy will take care of his beloved girlfriend very well. But I would say he is somehow threatening both of them with his death. This is not the right way to wish happiness to others.

Besides, a person should have positive thought as he/she could get something better than what he is having now. That's how most of the people can success in certain thing. But he choose to leave the world.

Not long after that, another guy on Facebook with nickname (Lun Sky) did the similar thing counting down he want to leave the world (again) on 12AM tonight (15 Dec 2010).

"我又想死了,我活的好苦啊!!!你们又懂些什么!!!你们了解我吗!!今晚12点,我将安静的离开!到时候你们就知道这是不是玩笑!!!爸妈,我走了,我要去一个新的世界,开始新的生活!!粉丝们,谢谢你们的支持,我并不是在炒人气!我就是我!不需要模仿别人!剩下的几小时我会慢慢的过这些时光!我的精神将会与我最爱的粉丝同在!i love you all baby..."
Partially translated by Google Translate:
"I want to die, I live a good damned hard! ! ! You also know what! ! ! You know me! ! 12 am tonight, I will leave quietly! At that time you will know that this is not a joke! ! ! Mom and Dad, I'm gone, I'm going to a new world to start a new life! ! Fans, thank you for your support, I am doing this to get popular for the speculation! I am me! There is no need to imitate others! I will slowly spend the remaining few hours! My spirit will remains with the fans I love! i love you all baby ..."

Previously he has stated that he won't suicide already, but he is "thinking" about it again. I am not sure if he is serious in doing this, but again I am telling you guys that this is not how you finish your life journey.

Around 6PM, Lun Sky leave a FB message again telling his siblings to take care of the parents.


At 8.30PM, he counting down again telling his beloved "fans" not to miss him as he is a "legend". By reading the comments, I can sense that he is trying to get attention.
Last 45 minutes...saying goodbye to his "fans", again. There are already people starting scolding him because think that this is a fake Lun Sky FB account. In the end, what happened?

"Sorry guys, I can't do what I've promised, 14 floor is just too high..."

There are people who saying that This fake/real Lun Sky was just trying to get attention from the social media. To get "famous on Facebook.

The next thing I do is to report this fake Lun Sky profile as it is a waste of time for people who really care about him or anyone who is depressed with negative thought. This is not how a person should get attention.

This is the wrong way to be "潇洒走一回", do you think people will consider you as a hero after what happened? Please don't get famous for the wrong reason. Think for your parents, think for your friends. Because in the end what would you get? No one will feel happy about what you are going to do and what you've done.

In short,
Look at the brightside and stay positive. Life doesn't come twice.

Actually I just found out that this is the FAKE LunSky's Facebook Profile, the REAL Lun Sky (音樂男孩) Facebook profile is here. However, I still hope nothing bad would happen tonight and both of them continue their life. Do report that fake profile so it won't waste others time who really care about someone.

However, I think that if this is the real Lun Sky (音樂男孩), he is actually giving bad reputation to Amway. On his profile he stated that he is a Amway Distributor (Jan 2010 to present) (KL, Malaysia). Now it makes me have a bad impression on how he marketing himself to get well known by the people just to increase his network and looking for benefits for his multi-level marketing career.

I strongly suggest that the leader or respective person in Amway group can taking serious on this matter. You are now a brand, don't let anyone to sabotage it or market it in the wrong way kay?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)