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i-City Shah Alam, Malaysia - The place I visit with friends early in February 2010. Sorry for the super duper due post haha! Some people call it Ice-City instead of i-City. Maybe it is because of the new snow house?

This is the location map for iCity Shah Alam Malaysia =)
*Click to Enlarge*

The first stop in i-City, can see the Christmas tree at the middle of the road. Everywhere was shining around with the white+blue lights~

Would you get these snowflake decoration lights for coming Chirstmas?

Here is the Chrismas Tree with Tanglung/lanterns hanging on it because when I go it was still Chinese New Year Season~!

Like the elks that looks like wanna fly into the sky already

It is good to capture some happy moment especially when it comes out from the innocent kids

"Hmm...where is Mickey? He made me wait again!"

Me and Xeroz

This is the opening hours of iCity Snow House:
Monday to Thursday: 7.00pm to 11.00pm
Friday to Sunday:7.00pm to 12.00am

The snow house is equipped with full air conditioner. You can see some snowman inside.
This is the smallest one gliding on the ice.

Tons of people inside there that make the air-con not so cold.

Kids will always be the model and pose with snowman for parent to snap photos

Little glittering penguins

I found one of the Crystalball/DragonBall/Ice Age Egg

You can play bokeh effects in that tiny room too~

Here is the panda. But looks more like teddy bear that didn't get enough sleep.

Here comes a season switch, we are in the CNY room now.
This is the RedButtockz witch with her red crystal butt ball

Wern, Msxeroz(Nicole) and myself

A kid collecting and playing with the Styrofoam beads

This is the iCity garden with tons of colourful light Christmas Tree.

I saw huge frogs and flamingos

Sweet Swan couples everywhere

Was fooling around with the zoom in/out photo effects

The nicely lighted pink and white plum blossoms

The nicely lighted pink and white plum blossoms with Hafez forced to be a model in this picture. Hahaha!

That night was a full moon

That's why Hafez was somehow affected and have special abilities as a werewolf.

He can fly like Jacob in Twilight

But he get horny at the same time too! Poor panda....lol~

PS: Above are just some crap comic story I have think of, Hafez is a normal human but not a werewolf ya.

Cos I am the werewolf creative director of TianChad.com

There are Mandarin orange trees here in i-CityShah Alam

Some macro shoot of the leaves and fruits

Different leaves shape on different kind of trees

These are all small tiny little flowers that are well lighted

The Colourful Christmas Trees forest

Pink Peacock, remind me of Kate Perry's new song Peacock

"Let me see your peacock" - Kate Perry during MTV World Stage Malaysia.

I was at the MTV World Stage for Wonder Girls but due to the long waiting I decide to leave earlier. You can read my MTV WorldStage post and see what Wonder Girls "say" about TianChad.com =D

I just noticed my MTV World Stage Opening show by Wonder Girls is still able to play even I have removed it from my YouTube account~! =D Go watch it before too late!

Little flying pony

Portrait with the shining leaves

If only I can blow them and floating in the air

The Christmas tree have stars, I have too! There are tiny Christmas tree beside the Christmas Tree forest.

If you are a lovely couple who decide to visit i-City, make sure you get a group photo with these lovely swans kay? It can be a nice photo frame~!

You can also get married at here too if you get what I mean from the photo =D
No I am not the bride! ;p

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