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Visit i-City Shah Alam @ Christmas Season

The weather is getting colder, and Christmas is coming! So I've changed my background to Christmas Theme~! First time use own pictures as wallpaper wei ;p [syiok sendiri]

I can see more people want to know what and how to go to i-City Shah Alam (some people call it ice-City Shah Alam).

What is i-City Shah Alam?
i-City is the intersection of technology, real estate and technopreneur development. They have finished the Phase 1 development and now starting the Phase 2 development. Rhythmic Light Show is part of i-City second pahse development.

How to go to i-City Shah Alam?
Here is the location map for iCity Shah Alam Malaysia =)
*Click to Enlarge*

My Selangor Story i-City Shah Alam| TianChad.com
A video that show you what you can see in iCity Shah Alam now. They say there will be new decoration/lighting installed. So I hope they have already installed for you guys to have a wonderful moment~

The opening hours of iCity Snow House:
Monday to Thursday: 7.00pm to 11.00pm
Friday to Sunday:7.00pm to 12.00am
*Opening hour may subject to change*

To control the crowd who is going to enter the cold room/ snow room, RM 2 will be charged per person. However Children below 5 years old can enter for free.

If you want to see how i-City looks like at night, read this blog post about my first visit to iCity Shah Alam. What's the feeling when you are able to have steamboat at the center of i-City Digital City? Read my second visit to iCity Shah Alam here. We wouldn't have chance to dinner there without My Selangor Story's special arrangement ;p

For more information about i-City Shah Alam, please visit www.i-city.my

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