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TC Recap: August 2009

August 2009 is the month where I start guest blogging at LG Blog Malaysia.That's why I have lesser blog posts since then and hoping readers will drop by there to read what I share. Seriously, I share different thing at LG Blog and do go there pay a visit~! =)

During this month I have won an iTouch [by luck] and attended more events than movie screenings. Due to body+mind+soul over exhausted I still have lots of event[with lots of pretty ladies] haven't blog about it, probably starting from next month I will able to clear all the due posts~!

Won lucky prize [iPod Touch] from Hyundai. Thx Xeroz and friends for redeem it for me!

Dig It All Music Event which haven't blog about. I like Dirty Vegas

Some performance by the Most Wanted Ruumate Finalist

FHM 100 Most Wanted Woman [Haven't blog about it]

Rachel Beh -One of the winner for Ruumz Most Wanted Ruumate contest [MWR]

Derek Yap as the male MWR with James & Rachel Beh

Courtesy of Nicole I had my first facial treatment
*Still can feel the pain O.o*
Is it every facial that pain one? Since then I am not ready for 2nd time.

Clive Magazine 1st Anniversary which I haven't do a full blog post

Because of love in participating contest, I participated in this I'm Addicted to OLAY Game Blogging Contest. Won consolation prize (OLAY products) and gave my grandma as presents ;p

So from above you have seen many due posts which I haven't write and share. Which one would you like to read first? FHM 100 MWW? Envie Club? Dig It All? Clive Anniversary?

You decide~! Comment as below!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)