Taman Pertanian Malaysia: Water Transport

After looking around and snap photos near the dam[quiet and calm], we looking around and found 2 boats at lake side. I remember it was 1 hour for RM8/boat but we stay on water longer than that. Let's "Row~row~row~your~boat"~!

We don't know where it is but we just ride into Empangan Air Kuning

Apparently there was a game going on called Gaming Hills

Sungai Air Kuning Dam
Apparently the water is not yellow anymore.

gif maker
Nicole is ...err...floating + climbing

YengYeng, Nicole and ZiJian were going on their boat.

Nice Posing =D

Luckily the sun wasn't so hot so we decided to stay longer
LiErn, Ange and me

See how relaxing YengYeng was on the boat? Nicole became the "Pendayung". ZiJian became the Scenery Photographer.

Since YengYeng wanna eat apple we use water transport to transfer to her ;p

The satisfied face after eating the apple =)

After getting uneven tan on our hand and limbs, we went to playground nearby. Monkeys were jumping from trees to trees.

LiErn enjoying the swing

And me and ZiJian found the bee is feeding his baby with a big caterpillar/worm. Luckily he was too busy to sting us.

Random macro shoot

Half day passed already and we are all very tired. No extra water with us.

But we still manage to reach the Puncak Seni @ Artistes Summit even the little hill is kinda steep

Yes, I mean this steep. Saw the sign board?

If you are not afraid of steep route you can be happy like ZiJian. Or else...
Check Nicole's frightened face *haha!*

So, who don't like snap their own picture? =D

No, there is no need for you to like it. But you must love this scenery =D

Coming Up Next! Shooting Near The Lake


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