Ninja Caught in May'n Asia Tour

"We found out there are a lot of unauthorised may'n big waaaaave Malaysia concert images & photos posted on personal blog. This has made May'n herself feel very sad. We sincerely hope you can remove them before any action taken by the Japan management company. Thank you."
Okay picture has been removed as what management requested =)


Just back from May'n Asia Music Concert @ Life Centre KL. First time listen to her J-Pop/Ani-song and I know I am outdated from Japanese Animation/Cartoon. The crowd wasn't big but I am sure all who come over are die hard fans of hers =)

I would say I only enjoy the soft tempo song and the last few song that she sang. Soft song is because the bass and music wasn't too loud and I can really hear what she was singing. Last few songs is because she really managed to bring along the crowds to sing along!

No photographing was allowed but as a blogger what would you do? I snaping like ninja as what other [unofficial] photographer did. Unfortunately something happen to one of the ninjas.

The last picture I took before I was braked to a halt *removed*

A security stopped me from taking picture and escorted me away from the crowd, he called the management people to see what they wanna do to me. This is my first time being the "lucky" one to be escorted and was brought to management for taking somebody's picture.

Fortunately the management [special thanks to the lady] are very kind to me and we made a deal. No more photo taking then you are allowed to continue enjoy the show. That's the moment I feel I become real lucky, safe from being kicked out from the hall =S

This is the experience I wanna written down today. Stay tune for more photo! G'night~!

PS: For the lady that help me compromise, thank you again! =)


TianChad田七 said…
Yeap, luckily I wasn't that unlucky =D
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
tsk tsk tsk..

TianChad is a lousy Ninja. U better stay on as blogger ba XD
Unknown said…
So you were the one the guy pulled away. LOL! :P
TianChad田七 said…
Gotta improve my skill by learning from Naruto~!
TianChad田七 said…
[Danny Foo]
Haha so you are one of the guy who saw me dragged away~! Oh no! ;p
Anonymous said…
well, being lucky on that day you should be grateful to have those photo's you took,

however they are starting to storm people blogs asking them to take down all unofficial photos.

I've get the first wave of warnings, I suggest you take those down too before they came after you ;-)
Anonymous said…

I hope you are proud of yourself you fool. You certainly did a great job of tarnishing our country's reputation.
Anonymous said…
pls respect the artist... sighz...
TianChad田七 said…
[Anonymous No.1]
Hey there, thanks for the kind advice =D
There is no need for you to be anonymous to comment here =)

[Anonymous No.2]
First of all, thanks for your comment and I am sorry if I insulted you in anyway.However if you are proud to be a Malaysian, there is no need to be anonymous ;p

[Anonymous No.3]
Thanks for the advice, picture has been removed =)
Yuen said…
Seriously Tian Chad, you're so cute~

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