TC Recap: October 2009

What happened in October 2009? I have dyed my hair for the first time and most are good comments from friends. Blogged about my "Save Our Seahorse Trip" which happened long long time ago in April. You can see the whole SOS series at the sidebar.

It is good to see Men's Uno Malaysia start organizing Model Competition for all Malaysian to join. We can see that all 12 finalist are selected t by passes through tough challenges. Which ends up a nice final event that I've attended.

Wrote a post about Krrunch time with Pringles. All thanks to my friends helping on it =D

My first time dyed my hair to brown color
Do I looks like Bad Boy since then?

Back to April's SOS trip, we need to cross the river to go to the mangrove

Getting through the mangrove area with lots of challenges and at last reach the border between Malaysia and Singapore

This is a broken Dugong's Skull which met death hit by boat's motor

Thanks to my friend especially YengYeng and LiErn for organizing this SOS [Save Our Seahorse] Trip. It suits the adventurous guy like me

Behind us is the REAL bridge to Singapore. Not much people been there before right ;p

It is a worm or snake? Find it out here

Participated in "DiGi I Need a Pimp" contest. The video that I made helped me won 3 month's DiGi Broadband =D
Watch it here

I still proud of my self drawing a logo combining Nuffnang and DiGi ^@^

X-pax BlackBerry Party @ Sunway Republic
First time listen to Shawn Lee's Beatbox

Arabyrd with her L.O.V.E.

Picture with Sazzy Falak and Pop Shuvit. Nice le =D

Bloggers that I've met during Law Abiding Citizen Screening

We were looking for seahorse that is hiding in the seagrass
I can tell you they are good at mimic!

Super lucky me who found a golden seahorse =)

It is hard to see kids nowadays playing "gasing" at home =)
But I saw it during my seahorse trip

Save Our Seahorse Trip- Where is Dugong?
Those are bones from just one dugong.

Calvin Hee won the modernest award

Men's Uno Model Search 2009

I can say most of them are good looking and potential to be model. Good job Men's Uno!

Is it too rush for readers to read if I blog twice a day? Because there are lots of postponed post I haven't write ar. You don't like me post about CNY after 6 month right? Hoho

Leave a comment so that I can make it suits you all =)


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