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TC Recap: September 2009

Summary of September 2009 is here, I only choose some posts to share because I wanna make it short. This month as usual, attend more events and watched one of my favourite movie - The Ugly Truth. Yes I met Marion Caunter this month ;p

Met Marion Caunter and JoeyG @ Heineken Champions League Party

RedKen HairShow @ Heineken Champions League Party
A lot of super-duper unique hairstyle

Met bloggers too KY, Audrey, Tey Cindy

Attended P1 special 15Malaysia Screening @ GreenPacket

Took pict with HoYuHang =)
As requested, the "so po" lady standing beside is Nicole *wakaka*

The Ugly Truth Screening by SONY Picture

Part of the bloggers who have dinner together =)

Saw All-American Rejects Concert

Tiger T Music Festival where lots of music artist dropped by
Some from Taiwan, HongKong, Thailand +++

Short circuit and fire occured in the middle of the concert

Last but not least, won this Smirnoff Vodka and some Man-U Merchandise from Clive Magazine =D

Currently undergoing a design of new template where there will have only two columns and really "Look at the brightside". Fuh, I can do it!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)