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Taman Pertanian Malaysia: Fish Farm

Last year May 2009 [Yes, this is a very due post!] me and a bunch of friends went to Taman Pertanian Malaysia at Bukit Cahaya for a one day trip~! A day which we all get close to the nature and do everything we don't usually do.

Since this is a very due post, you would notice some of us have changed in width and height ;p

In morning we had Nasi Lemak + Nescafe [Ange and YengYeng]

Noticed that Agricultural Park Malaysia is so huge

The funny pose that I requested when the trip just started

The tiring face after continuous climbing up the hill

Woot! A narcissist picture

Saw people planting using EM1 =)

Very rare to see these big end in the town. Don't ever let them bit you.

After a period of time, we reached the fish farm
They looks like people skiing in Sunway Pyramid, spinning round and round

We can actually feed the fish =D

Would you want to get close with them?

The Xeroz Couple - Nicole and ZiJian

He was fishing there and willing to give me a *piece*

We borrow others people fish to snap photo

So do I

With a little bit naughty by doing the fish slap *wahaha*

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