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First Time For My Face & Ruumates!

Thanks to Nicole I went to have my first facial treatment since my face showed the "RED alert"

I thought it will be really relaxing but ends up I finally understood
"No pain no gain"!!

I better rest earlier start from tomorrow to have a healthier skin ha? ;p
Maybe sleep before 12 AM?

After the facial we went to have dinner with fellow ruumates
Thanks Jian aka ZJ to be the driver
Fellow ruumates: Eklern, Nicole and Jian[ZJ], Jack, Coco, Rachel, Esther, Raymond, Hafez

Sorry for not always in chatruumz as I am really busy with works recently ya~
What more?

According to the facial therapist, I have bad skin because of not enough sleep and drink not enough water too

So....I wonder how those people who aways go to club after work but still can have a nice and pretty face! Jealous ha!

Soo....Good nightz~~

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)