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Last two weekends, as a blogger I am lucky to have my first time visiting a slimming center "My Body Secrets" at Kota Damansara. My first impression about slimming center is that it is a place that is only for woman to get her self looks better after some of the treatment. Well, that's why I brought a lady with me, MsXeroz who willing to have part of her body to be refined.

Basically My Body Secrets has the purple colour as their main theme and it does able to calm our tension down. I feel relaxed within the environment. My Body Secret is a slimming center that not only providing you slimming sessions for the body, but they also care for your health. They providing a more professional services as there is a doctor that can give you advice on what you should take care of including diet, health concern and much more.

Almost everything is in purple

Every client has their own personal consulting space

We were served with warm rose tea and it tasted like rose of course. I heard that rose tea was traditionally used to alleviate menstrual pain, clear toxins and heat from the body and so on.

So here she is Nicole @ MsXeroz

The sofa looks nice?

My Body Secrets is providing Maja Skincare products

It would be great if there are some men magazine for the boyfriend to read while waiting for his girlfriend.

At My Body Secrets, they have this small capsule room to get to know you more about what's your routine work, food and concerns about which part of your body. Yes, it is a guy being consulted and during that time I know My Body Secrets is not only for woman. They also provide men's facial care whenever you need it.

Before Nicole was consulted, she need to measure her weight and height. I bet you've done that if you went to a slimming center before right?

Then she will proceed for a more high-tech checkup, the BMI [Body Mass Index] and body fat percentage measurement. Besides that, she also has an "intimate experience" with her consultant, which too bad I won't able to participate. To read more about Nicole's experience, click here.

After the measurement and check-up, here comes the consultancy part. Nicole was interviewed about her routine. What she usually eat? How many times she eat per day, what she usually do to maintain body +++ She was then advised with a suitable diet plan.

Yesh, there are happy+funny moment during the interview =) By the way, I like the rose, they just look so real!

After changing to a robe, she is ready to enjoy the RF [RadioFrequency] and vibration treatment to refine her thigh. That room looks kinda enjoyable when you are relaxing inside.

Okay, so there she is enjoying the treatment and relaxing inside. As for the guys I don't know what you would do if you are going to wait for her. This is what I did in one of the measuring room with the big flat mirror.

How can I not camwhore with it? *grins*

Again, I hope there are some reading material for the men who waiting outside. Or maybe providing free Wifi just for us to surf the web through mobile/laptop. The boyfriend fetch the girlfriend, the boyfriend can enjoy himself surfing the net at the relaxing environment or even having a facial treatment. I call this win-win situation la.

Nicole has undergo two treatments and this is part of her comments:
The RF machine emits a warm heat, I love it so much! It's like a warm massage, that makes you feel that you're in wonderland.

The vibration
machine actually tickles me. I suppressed my desire to laugh out loud. But after a while, I've got used to it. It's vibration shakes your flabby parts and it's very relaxing too!

Well, after visiting My Body Secrets I have changed my mind about slimming center. It is not a place that is only for woman but also for men. You still can get facial treatment at the same place together with your partner.

In future, My Body Secrets will launch their Yoga Class upstairs. So not only a person can stay slim at the outside, he/she can maintain good health for the inside while that benefits from doing Yoga and exercise too. Not forgetting their doctor that can provide you professional advice =)

Maybe next time I should pamper myself with a facial treatment for next visit!

Guys, it is not only girls that need to be looking good, you should too. Nowadays it is metrosexual age and guys also can go for facial. I am sure the ladies will be happy to see guys who grooms well and looks good. Sometimes pamper yourself will helps you get rid of the stress that caught on during work.

My Body Secrets - The New Concept of Slimming Centre that makes you look good and stay healthy at the same time. For more info, do visit there or contact them at +603 6142 4898.

PS: When you are visiting My Body Secrets, you can mention me or
that referred you. I am sure they will provides special "advice" to you~! =)


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