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After Kris Allen, I'm A Legendary Ninja because of May'n

If you are May'n fans I am sure you saw this ninja blog post. Since then I noticed my blog traffic got a bit higher and most of the source came from Lowyat forum and Japan website.

It is better and safer to get a Media Pass next time =)

Beside's May'N, my blog traffic for this week are mainly referred from GossipCandy.com

[Analytic chart from Nuffnang]

Gossipcandy gave me the highest traffic because of my Kris Allen's photo post, got nice comments from USA fans. I am glad that people like it =) *happy*

So why do I say I am a legendary ninja? Do check out MsXeroz's blog.

PS: It it a bit dramatic after her imagination ;p

Okay this is just a random post because I am too late to write a longer post ;p

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)