Bye Bye to BlackBerry Curve T.t @ Nuffnang Office

Today I took half day leave to go to return my 1 month trial BlackBerry Review. Visited Nuffnang office and most of the nuffies are inside the office =)

The signboard told me: "This Way to return your BlackBerry"

Being introduced to everyone but I only can recall some of their name because there are just too many of them! Seems like there are more and more photos and arts being sent in for Nuffnang footprint =)

Spot yours here!

Me and Freshie =)

Me and Jestina =D

So how do I feel after living with Blackberry Curve for 1 month? I was closely attached to the ability of BB that can provide [BBM, FB, Twitter, Email +++] and it definitely give me all at ease. However, I feel that I spending too much time on computer already, so there shouldn't be anymore on mobile phone. Or else I would get a BlackBerry neck pain =S

I can foresee that in coming days people would stick to their handphone 24 hours, bring it along anywhere and also keep staring on it as it provide multi-functions and real time update.

PS: I still think that it is very worth to get DiGi BlackBerry Smart Plan @ RM58/month.


Back from Little Nemo's [MingTeng] birthday celebration @ Tram Car [Will blog about the foods there ]

I always like to snap natural expression given by the people =) How bout you?


  1. oh...I like to take their natural expressions too!!! just that every time a flash came out from my camera, I will heard 'ooi!delete it! or else I kill u!' or 'this pei ah, having a camera in her hand sure snap non stop. Delete it i remind u'

    my friends are always scary. But I don care. lol!

  2. [Blur Pei]
    Haha I do respect their rights to delete those not-prepared-face-expression. But I only delete when it looks ugly to me ;p

  3. I said goodbye to BB long ago T_T Did you see my picture on the footprint? I'm the 2nd one to put it there :p

  4. [Simon Seow]
    Yeah I saw yours =)
    I still have no idea what to send


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