Slurpee Funniest Video: The Amazing Disgrace

I hope it's not too much to ask a humble favour from you all.Lately me and my friends were participating in "My Funniest Slurpee Video". Well, this time we did a video in the swimming pool.

Can you vote for us?

Pretty please???


In return of your votes, i post up a sexy pic of me~

Damn sexy rite!

Now you have viewed my sexy pic, so please click on the HERE to vote!

Also, please drop me a comment after voting. I will personally thank you and click $$ for you too! Thanks ya!

Voting ends this Sun! Vote now before its too late!


PS: The content of this post is directly from I just edited the last "sexy" photo that she had.


  1. Haha, bro you joined this contest also? me too XD vote you! im the 36th voter

  2. [Sion]
    Which entry is urs? Let me vote for you too~! =)

  3. Funny Video...
    Fuh like election.. Dah Undi ker belum? XD
    there for i shall say "I voted" ^^

  4. hey!! you won the weekly prize!! congrats!! XD

  5. [Theeggyolks]
    Thank you =)
    If it is a creative contest I guess you sure will win without needs to recruit votes =)


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