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I Just Love Good Smelling People

Just a question, anyone like people with bad smell? I guess not. I have met a few people with bad smell especially on the LRT. This happen when I use the LRT during after working hour. When I was sitting enjoying the view and LRT reached the next station, suddenly a swarm of people came in and a guy standing in front of me with his hand holding the handle. He was sweating and not to mention the air-conditioner is blowing straight to him.

I am sure during that time he was enjoying the cooling air but he didn't know that people sitting in front of him start sensing weird smell and were being tortured. Yes, we all know that it was him who emitting the smell. Not to mention he was using his both hand to hold the handles. Fuh! Double attack! I moved away from him to escape the smell which torturing my nose and mind.He should at least use a deodorant.

For example, Adidas Action Absorbent Anti-perspirant Deo Spray

Not only you will smell fresh, but also you will smell good too!

People nowadays use perfume to make them smelling good. However I gonna mention that not all perfume suits the same person. It is better to bring along your friend to help shop for the right one. Another thing is that, people who is highly sporty and easy to sweat are not suitable to use perfume. Please use a deodorant instead kay? =)

Tips: If you want somebody to remember you out of thousand person, makes yourself smell good as that's how one person can remember you even after years.

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