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#1 Wonderful Market @ Time Square

Early in May (3rd) , my sister aka DearBear3 ask if I am free to help her @ Wonderful Market
This is the first "Art Market" that was organize in Time Square.

Since I like arty and colourful handmade stuff.
Sure I won't miss this chance as my first exposure.
Here she is
DearBear3 aka the BIG eye Sister

I believe you have seen this Cupcakes if you start reading my blog earlier in age time. lol
The handmade (almost) edible cupcakes~

The needle pouch also need some decoration on its head ;p

"What should I wear today? :)"

These are the resin made Handphone Keychain
Everyone of them are uniquely designed~

All handmade thingy by DearBear3
Necklace, keychain, for decoration and more!

I specially like this one!!
Can you resist not to eat it when it is hanging on your phone? ;p

DearBear3 also can sew bags :)

Handmade earring, all about fruits and foods~!

How do I help my sister? I promote her stuff when there are some customer dropping by to see DearBear3's stuff. Communicate with customer is a must to know what is their opinion on the stuff and which one he/she is interested. If you are good enough you will able to make them buy from you! That's the time I improved my sales and marketing skills~

It is good to work with my sister as I able to get free lunch and dinner. While having the freedom to go around and visit other store. Everyone have a different theme and below are some of the fancy stuff that catch my attention.

The very colourful booth with Korean style Earing and necklace.
Visit their site here >> Handmade Craft Collections

The self handmade 3D photoframe. You can actually buy your favourite kit and assemble ur self at RM28 ea

The Origami Greeting Card :)

The embassader behind WonderKitten
Me and my sis bought a pair of T-Shirt from them as I really like their design :)

This is one of the design.
"Cry with flying colours!"

The sewed Cupcakes, Icecreams, Cactus and more!

Guy also can good in sewing ar ^@^

Which star would you put in your room? :)

If I am rich enough to decorate my room, I would buy one of this!
RM 98, not cheap not cheap!

I thought Wonderful Market is all about non-edible handmade stuff, but here it is
A booth selling handmade cookies and drinks~

The author's favourite colour. Black White and red

Another sewing master

These are the colourful thing that attracted me

Smile :)

A group of DASEIN friends that selling their artworks :)

Two of the [FreshMate] or [FreshMite] ;p

I like this [Look at the BIG picture]
Want to buy one of his shirt but the other design was sold out

I wonder if colourblind can see this ;p

A happy couple with a colourful wedding banquet

There they are, the lovely couple :)

Like some of their design from Dandelion
But it is all with female cutting...sigh

Wonder what can you make using a sock?
Doggy, Giraffe, Zebra and lots more~

Evangelione aka Tako is one of the famous handmade artist from Johor
She is being interviewed for her art stuff :)

She the crowd = the popularity :)

These are their stuff~
Saw the cute little hat? It is a fast sell product~

Tako's lovely cherries

Tako's Bear with the copy rightedfacial expression~

Would you girls want to hang a small camera on your neck? :)

Wonder how Tako looks like?
Here she is~ Do visit her blog @ http://evangelione.blogspot.com

Okay since my sister's booth is beside Tako
I play wth their stuff
Female panda want a resin "handbag"

The lovely dearbears sharing the same room

Met a friend of my sister and she is so in loved with me
Just kidding! I have no body love me(yet) except myself ;p

Last but not least, a picture of TianChad and his sister aka DearBear3
Visit her blog and handmade stuff @ http://dearbear3.blogspot.com


What else?
This Saturday ( 4th of July 2009) @ Time Square (Level 7)
Will have the #2 Wonderful Market~!
Wee~ For those who like art do dropping by ar~! ^@^
Don't forget to say hi if you somehow see me ;p

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