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Stuff Anniversary and Ghost of GirlfriendS Past

Yesterday went to STUFF Magazine Anniversary
Almost almost almost didn't manage to bring in my friends along.
Really sorry for that
ZJ and Nicole
THe Xeroz aka ZeroX Couple
Feel free to pay a visit at their blogs ;p

When we were waiting outside, there is a lot of thing happening inside which I had missed
But never mind, friends first la!What does this guy so happy about till rolling on the floor? =)
I can't promise when I will gonna post about this as my R&D Project is getting more and more.

Between, I was just back from"Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" one-week-earlier-Premiere Screening

Hmm, learnt something from the movie and that is really what I feel now.
[Scared of love]

Will blog more once I am really free kay ^@^"

Random "Chad":
Feeling that I have too much night out and didn't really takecare about my health.That's why my face show up the "red alerts" aka pimples to warn me it is really time to get more rest! PS: besides sleep/rest more. Any other tips to prevent pimples and acne?

Tomorrow (Friday) will have company video cast and hope it work out well!

How does a SOHO Job sounds like? Tomorrow only think about it!
Thanks for reading and good night!!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)