Which Hyundai R U? Gotta Get Getz!

July 2009 is a busy month for me as works and most contests were fallen on this month!
DiGi Speak Out, Lurve Affair, Nescafe Chill Lah Plex and this
"Which Hyundai R U?" contest!
The best thing is [No purchase required] to participate this contest.

All we need to do is snap a creative photo of ourselves with a Hyundai Car. This contest looks easy at first. All we need to do is borrow a Hyundai vehicle from friends and snap together. However I cannot find any Hyundai around my neighborhood and almost give up for the contest. Until one day the KFC Gang meet up for the prize giving ceremony and that's how we found a Hyundai!

Thanks to Ange's sister for letting us snapping using her car :)

Hyundai having this contest for us to win a Trip to Europe that worth RM 38,000!!*sounds not great enough?*

Thanks to Hyundai, 10 lucky voters that voted for the winning photo will win themselves an Apple iPod Touch which worth RM 1,000++! This is a win-win situation for both participants and supporters/voters. ^@^

Yesterday after back from hangout, my friends suddenly MSN me saying that they are not confidence anymore to win this competition as they saw KennySia - one of the Malaysia Famous Blogger joined this contest!

This is his photo. A Hyundai i10 that can fit in KennySia :)
Not only my friends, I myself also lost confidence one I know he is joining the competition =.="

Besides KennySia,
Just Married - KimOng

Forever Red Hot - RedMummy

"Macho Gangster Boss" - ShaolinTiger and much much more famous blogger joined this contest! Multiple lightning stroked on me...How am I gonna to win this game?

Luckily I got 2 Jagung a.k.a. the KLCC Twin Tower to help me get rid some of the "lightning strike"
Me, with Hyundai Getz and the KLCC Twin Tower
That's the idea that thought off by the cliques
[Nicole, ZiJian, Ange]
Everything (car, idea, where to snap, location, photographer) came out so coincidentally and luckily we manage to find a good spot to take photo.
Since not much participating photos taken at night, it make us unique especially with KLCC :)

This photo is actually taken nearby a hotel so there were bunch of car and people walking around the place. So, kinda hard to snap a photo with the best expression.
*I do get shy one even though I have "thick face"...*

ZiJian has been lie down and up for more than 100 x times to snap photo of us as there were cars that keep passing by. *I know my face is epic-fail, luckily the light is dim*. The actual reason is we don't bring any spotlight with us for this sudden idea.

Ever wanted to increase the contrast? No we can't, digital photo manipulation is not allowed in this contest :)

So why do I choose Hyundai Getz?

because I feel safe in Hyundai Getz

What more? If I am lucky enough I can "Getz" girl .

*No audio for this Video as copyright reserved*

Some more Hyundai Getz is highly recommended by Black Eye Peas until they made it into a song. Don't believe? Lets hear it~!

Gotta Get "Getz", Gotta Get "Getz" !! XD

This contest end on 22th July 2009.
And it is really not an easy contest where we have some celebrity type to beat!
So, I hope you guys+girls can continue vote for us for 9 more days and win your self(voters) an Apple iPod Touch with the lucky bless from angels.

Did I mention iTouch cost more than RM1k? =)

So what are you waiting for?
Start voting now @ http://www.whichhyundairu.com.my/votenow-60
We need your support and blessing to win this game!!

Something to enlighten my friends
My first duel with KennySia in a pantyhose!!
Thanks to YungChien for the captured moment.
TianChad vs "Susan Boyle"
Now we have a virtual duel again :)

Last but not least
"Drive Confidently with Hyundai Getz"
Disclaimer: I don't own a Hyundai, I just own a Proton ...~

So....Don't forget! Please vote for us~!
You win, I win too!!

Thanks to Nicole, Jian, Ange and her sister for all the stuffs and idea that made me a first Male Car Model! *bwahaha*


  1. Hey...TianChad!!
    Fully supported u...Cause, hope to get a ipod touch... Lolx!~~~
    U win le, remember must buy a big big souvenir for me ya... ^.^
    Good Luck!

  2. [StevenBoy1986]
    Haha thanks for support!!
    The winning chance can get higher if you ask friends to vote too~ Remember 1k is not little XD

  3. Wow! You all are so crazy with the contest!
    Anyway, great job & well done!
    Very effective way to promote KLCC and Hyundai!
    Good luck:)

  4. [yoon see]
    Thanks for dropping by "contest freak"'s website lol
    Even thought it might be a great job done we still need your support to help us win~

    So please vote for us ya~


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