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New iPod Nano + Something BIG for FREE!

After all my hard work it did pay off =)
I joined the Chipster Superstar Contest in couple months ago
Very enthusiast and indirectly directed all 4 series of Chipster Superstar Movie using their web interface
You can have a look here!!

Special thanks to Evo,Eugene, Ellie, Shaz, Amirah, and Zeyi to contribute their photos and be my cast

I still wonder which of the movie that help me won this iPod Nano 8GB [Blue] back ;p

A congratz letter from KRAFT
Thanks a lot to KRAFT and people who vote for my videoS ;p

Some photo shoot solely to "shock sendiri" XD
Since I have too many gadget to bring around, and I can listen to song using
LG Arena KM900
I can only decide to give up this iPod Nano 8GB.
So I am going to sell this but not sure what price to sell at yet.
Any interested buyer? Haven't register it and it is all new!!
[Except I have open the box for a close up shoot]

Please leave a comment or contact me with your best price.

So what is the BIG thing for free?
For blogger like me who haven't own a domain yet this would be a BIG good news!

Howard aka Guai Chai Kid is celebrating his blog 1st year anniversary and is giving out THREE domain for free! I personally like his photoshoots especially for events.

This is Howard with the belle =)

So why do I deserve a domain?
I have been blogging for more than 1 years yet still have this loong blog URL
"TianChad.blogspot.com" instead of "TianChad.com"
Does it make me eligible to deserve a FREE Domain?
I would like to have my own domain so that people who visit my blog won't have the need to type "blogspot." every time they visit here.
It is kinda cool to own something that is solely under your name right?

Secondly, as a loyal reader of Howard's blog promoting his blog might help me gain higher chance to eligible for a FREE domain =)

Thirdly, because it is FREE and a BIG gift by celebrating Howard's Blog 1st Anniversary!
Happy 1st Anniversary for your blog Howard!

So are you interested to get a free domain from Howard? Please do drop by his blog @ http://www.howard-u.com and leave a comment at his post by clicking here

Nice thing are good to share!! =)

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