BioCareer Fair 2009 @ KLCC

This was happened in April.... ^@^"
Went to BioCareer Fair that was set on non-school holiday.
That's why there were not much people around like PC Fair

Parked my car @ Bukit Jalil LRT Station

Saw the Rakan Muda Event that will be organized every Saturday
"Kami Prihatin" @ Youth Square

The people there were enormous and 95% are all Malay.
Me and PeiYing dare ourself to walk around and see what it is about.

Nothing much, people playing sports, and selling sport clothes.
And this is a music contest?

Then we proceed to KLCC
Have lunch there trying Yoshinoya for the first time.

My Tuna dish
Yoshinoya is considered as a Japanese Fast Food Shop to me :)

Huhu, this is the pretty babes Nicole Chua a.k.a. Ms Xeroz

PeiYing and YenNi

Dark eye circle's me and pretty YenNi

Met KahShin and James coincidentally and suddenly become UTAR Biotech'08 small reunion ;p
A "family" photo~

Okay lunch time over!
Girls, let's have a "catwalk" to the KLCC exhibiton hall
Who has the modeling talent?
Susan?Yenni?PeiYing? or Nicole?

The first impression I got is.
Biotechnology is still having a long journey to become a general job.

There are only a few booths but this is a good start :)
The organizer of BioCareer Fair :)

Students were standing behind quietly and listen to the speech.
I wonder who is the guy with all-white hair
He is stand out ;p

Got Plant Tissue culture company

One of the tissue cultured orchid

IBG BioFertilizer and RhizaGold

A very cool looks machine that I have only seen before in CSI

The environmental friendly container made of Sugar Cane~!

Do you have a distorted spinal cord?
With these steel and screws, you will able to stand straight after living with it a period of time

Imagine it need to be screwed on your spinal cord like this!

InnoHerb has a special way to recruit new member.
Once you submit your resume you will able to get one of his product for free!
For better brain I guess.

A lovely white orchid that I saw from a Agriculture booth

Culturing microbes that producing Kojic Acid
This is what I am doing - Fermentation :)

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

She show me the photo of Rafflesia in the book named Lojing
Lojing is a place in Kelantan, Malaysia where you can find Raflesia flowers.

Looking for Job?
You can apply through JobStreet by just sms~!

I do hope I can manage fermentation of beer ;p
Guinness when are you hiring again??
If I am working there I might have free supply of Guinness beers~!
Ohya have you heard about Guinness 250 Remarkable?
They are giving out special experience for lucky people who participate the lucky draw.

Just choose the one you like and submit one entry perday @ Guinness 250 Remarkable

I never thought in Biocareer also can sell some stuff like this - ega
It is actually stuff that can make you "stronger" in mental and physical.

At first he will push you down easily, but after some energy given by him using one of the "stuff"
The guy can withstand the force of the guy that try to push him down

This is the biological cleanser and deodoriser - BioAccess
Organic and degradable

The Interactive area for the high school student to participate and increase knowledge

Saw three girls want to take photo using a phone and I volunteer to help her.
Ends up she call all her mates to take photo together ;p

I do "cam-whore" in there too. Never thought will bump with a lot more coursemate ^@^
YengYeng and LiErn

Yeah, a sudden unplanned gathering @ BioCareer Fair ;p
*Sorry for those who can't see the eyes, this is the best photo XD*

Afterall, I feel not really satisfied with this BioCareer fair as the main point is for us to apply job right? But the available channel for us to apply job is by using hard-copy resume only. I just brought my soft-copy on ThumbDrive and didn't manage to use it.

Can't really find a suitable job from there too as i only found 1 fermentation thingy. Is it because fermentation is still a new thing in Malaysia? Or the company doing fermentation don't bother to open booth @ BioCareer Fair? I have no idea.

Looking forward for a better fair with easier way to submit resume~

Anyway, I gotta look for better opportunity as my spending increased because of the old car and PTPTN loan but the salary still maintained the same. Never mind, fresh graduate is hired with cheaper price as they say you are not experienced.

"Don't only work hard,must work smart! If you are capable of doing the assigned job well. You will able to go further and become successful!"


  1. ya, malaysia indeed has long way to go...hope everything will become better in the future, will more r&d prospect, other than diagnosis, and marketing line..cheers

  2. [cklim]
    Cheers~! ^@^ Mosty equipment also trade from other country.

  3. Juz wondering...u parked yr car at Bkt Jalil LRT station..and proceeded to KLCC using ____ ? Isn't that quite some distance off? hehe

    Btw, Tuna dish looks yummy!

  4. [Francene]
    Take STAR LRT to KLCC :)
    That's the most convenient way than drive to KLCC with massive traffic jam~

    I like Salmon more~


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