"3R" - DiGi MMS Speak Up Contest

CapSquare is a good place for people to find arts :)
Especially during the KL Design Week (KLDW)
I went there with friends on the same day of Earth Hour

You are able to see some great arts and that is just fantastic.
Still remember Gigi Gee that are very good at this handmade earring and necklace.
Pieces of newspaper can made up a portrait
It is really creative =)

Went to the Tent Art and saw their creative art
This is one of my favourite

So, what can you see from this picture??

"The recycling-logo"
This is an eco-art done by a Thai designer - Makorn Chaovanich.

It was made of 900 of empty Heineken Aluminium cans
Why use Aluminium cans but not any other recyclable material?

Chaovanich explained that cans are items that people consume and dispose of on a daily basis. Therefore creating a piece of art using this everyday material is the best way to remind people to recycle.

What else can Aluminium cans do?
There are people who creative enough to utilize Heineken cans to make a fortune.
Creative, profitable yet environmental friendly.

WWF was there with a booth too.
Welcoming donations to Help Save Turtle Lives

There are trees that decorated with these bags
"I'm Not Squid, I'm Plastic Bag"
But does turtles know this??

Human can differentiate which one is jellyfish.
But not all sea turtles can!

There is a number of turtles suffocated to death because of these squid-like plastic bag.
So people please don't simply throw plastic bag or any trash into the river.
Eventually it will flow into the sea and harming the sea creature.
Not only turtle.

I do like colourful things for example this mosaic
But these are actually the stomach contents of one dead Laysan Albatross chick
This is what plastics can do to the innocent animals

I still remember when I was young I was inspired by this video very very much
How I wish the Earth can be recovered from the disaster

Michael Jackson - Earth Song
We just treat nature's worth as our planet's womb but done nothing much to save the Earth

Watched this movie in cinema - "HOME"
By looking at the emptiness of the theater,can show that not much people care about our only home.

"We all have the power to change, so what are we waiting for?"
It is never too late to contribute something on saving the earth.

So what do I want to Speak Up ?
The 3R - "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"
*Combination of Digi and Nuffnang logo*
"No-one made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do so little." - Edmund Burkedmund

So people please start it now, eventhough it is just a little thing to do, it will still make a big change after a period of time time.
Ends up there will be more people come for "Cuti Cuti Malaysia"!

I have already speak up, how bout you??
Currently Nuffnang and DiGi is organizing a MMS Speak Up Contest

Grand Prize – RM3000 CASH
Consolation Prizes – iPod Shuffles x4
*Only eligible for Nuffnang bloggers who blog about it and on DiGi network

Early Bird Specials Category - A pair of GSC Movie Passes x100
*Only eligible for Nuffnang bloggers who blog about it, on any mobile network
Public Category

LG Cookie mobile touch phone x8
*Open to all DiGi users only

How to participate in this contest? Follow the steps here:

For Nuffnangers, must remember to email your blog post permanent URL to the given email.

PS: For more information please log on to this website


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