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My Men's Health Night Run Shirt Has Arrived but...

Yesterday I have received the postage of Men's health Night Run's shirt and the number. No more hassle to collect the shirt by paying through Hooha Asia. Number "0", "4" and "7" has been around me for some times, so I hope it means lucky number for me =)

Even though I have ordered the "S" Size it somehow looks like "L" on me =.="
Looks like gonna do some modification for this shirt using the pins.

What foods do you suggest me to eat to gain more weight? [Not gain fat ar]

Still wonder if I would able to go to this Night Run as I somehow wish for something else that made me happy for not going to this run.

What is the "something"? Hint here

Heading to Shout! Awards soon!
It's time to gain new experience and explore the other small side of the world!

Wishing to meet Marion Caunter again~! *grins*

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)