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Blue Monday, Really Blue + The Proposal

"I'm So Blue"
Will you feel blue when Monday arrived?
Picture courtesy of I'm Mark
I like his comic especially when I start working already haha!

This Monday not so blue for me as tonight (20th July) will be the screening for
"The Proposal"
Thanks to Ellie for the tickets XD
Ellie organized a blog contest to have us win movie tickets by just answer simple questions
This is how I answer the question:

1. If you are able to turn me into an animal,what would it be?


2. Name the worst way you can ever propose; whoever said that girls can’t propose?
The worst way that I can ever purpose is when I become coma after an accident and doctor gave her the ring that was found in my pocket with her name on it.
I was suppose to propose her that night. *touch wood for this assumption!*

I still remember she said: " What is that?"
"It's the morning", he replied ;p

It would be my first time to watch movie in Tropicana City Mall
Hope I can get rid some tension after watching this comedy =)

Last but not least, remember to vote for us to secure yourself an iPod Touch~!
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