The Proposal (2009) @ Tropicana City Mall

Just back from this movie - "The Proposal"
Thanks to Ellie and Advertlets for the movie.

The only photo taken tonight
Me and MingTeng
Thanks for coming =)

I wanna give some feedback for this movie session:
We were informed to come on 8PM but the movie started at 9PM...
It is still acceptable to ask people arrive before 8.30PM but 8PM is just a bit tooo early.
It made me and my friend rush to the cinema and ends up got 1 more hour to "lepak" in the Tropicana City Mall.
I wished I haven't had my dinner and can enjoy the foods in one of the many restaurants.

The other thing is that the movie operator somehow have technical problem as the movie was out of focus.
*Stressing my eye to watch the movie.*

It did manage to kick off some stress XD
There is a lot of funny scene and the one I like the most are
1. "It's the morning"
2. "The way Sandra speak out her mind by following the rhythm during blessing ceremony"
3. And the very healthy 90 years old grandma

I wonder why shyness attacked me today as I didn't go greet the friends I know.
Sorry, didn't brought out my "thick face" tonight

I gotta rate this move 8.5/10
1.5 points was gone to the person who cut the important scene.
I didn't saw Sandra's tattoo!!
Anyone can give me a link to download the uncut version?? ;p

So I have watched The Proposal today
Will I able to catch "UP"?


  1. Yo !

    In Malaysia, I Guess u have to inform people to come 1 hour before the actual screening time ! AHHAHA

    I went in 920pm. AHAHA

  2. [Leonard]
    Wassup? =D

    We all know it is the tradition of Malaysian. But I think we should start the change la ... No matter what the movie screening is always suppose to start in time.

    Yeah I saw JoshLim brought you in, looks like one hour also not enough wor =.="

  3. nice movie. i went too. and i think i saw u there. ^^

  4. [Alvin]
    Harlo Alvin =)
    You saw me?
    Aiks...Sorry that I didn't saw you ar ;p

    Next time say hi okay?


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