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Coffee Jelly Frappucino @ STARBUCKS

Recently time past just like a sudden flip of the RM1 Coin
Do you still remember how it looks like?
It is now getting near to the end of the of July and August is already coming!!
This happen when one have so many things to do x]

Just now went to one of the STARBUCKS in Selangor to meet someone
Who provided me a good opportunity =)
She will be one of my "贵人"
*Any English word for "贵人"?*

Since I seldom visit STARBUCKS for the pricey drinks
I decided to try some new stuff and order the BIG one

"Coffee in the Jelly, Jelly in the coffee"
You prefer Latte or Frappucino?

The last STARBUCKS Drink I had was with my bestie
Was fetching him off to KLIA and yeah it is nice to have a good friend like him!
Last time I had Dark Berry Mocha Frappucino
I still remember it tasted really Berries but a bit too sweet

This time I have the new drink
STARBUCKS - Coffee Jelly Frappucino [Blended Coffee]

I topped it up, make it large and add some sinful cream on it.
That's why it cost me RM16.00 + 5% Government Tax
Pricey ha?
This time the drink do tasted nice because got jelly for you to chew instead of sipping coffee only.

STARBUCKS can be a nice place if you don't have internet connection at home
At cybercafe you pay RM2/hour. At STARBUCKS you can just pay for a cup of drink and get free surfing all day long. But make sure you will stay there for more than 8 hours if you ordered the same drink as mine:
Large Coffee Jelly Frappucino with extra cream~!

Had a nice chat with her and will reveal at the right time XD
No worries I am still single~!
*what a narcissist*


Three little cock and hen has appeared around my neighborhood since an Indian Family move in nearby. Everyday after work can see them wandering at the same area and so close to each other. So I grabbed a chance to have some close up shoot of them.

But one day I heard the sounds of them being hunted by something. End up it is the dog chasing the 3 little chicken. Two of them managed to fly back to the Indian house, but the poor one was being chased till no where. I was going to chase off the dog but it was too late for me to do so...

Since then I wasn't able to see the chickens again. Hope the poor little one manage to survive and go back to the owner safely. Or else, RIP and go accompany Yasmin Ahmad~

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