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One Year in 40 Seconds. What's my English name?

Just noticed one more month I will have so called "1 year working experience"
Time do flew.
So what do I achieve this year?
My first job working as a R&D in a Biofertilizer company do helped me gain lots of exposure.
But it hardly related to blogging ;p
If you have notice I have a Chad's Microbes Blog
Just some microscope slide of the microbes that I studied
There are lots more of microbes that I have gram stained but certain of it is P&C to post it up
Effective Microorganism [EM1] is still one of my favourite study

I can see my blog has changed and improved a lot compared to last year ~!
*clap clap to my self*
Thanks to all who keep reading my blog~!
But yet I still don't have a domain ^@^"

Furthermore I know my blog just have too much gadget and it never become less
Any suggestion which to take off? ;p

Talking about domain I think about having an English name.
Is there any suggestion from my blog readers?
My first name is Tian Chad, last name is Chen
So basically people call me Tian Chad, Tian Chat, Tian, Chad and lots more nickname!
I was hoping to get a name that is easy for people to remember but not widely being use by other people.

I was thinking of Japanese name too.
Example, Hento Chen or Taito Chen
Get what are the meanings beneath it? *evil grin*

So what do you say?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)