Heineken's A Night In Rome @ Mercedez Hap Seng

On the same day after Bio Career Fair 2009
Four of us (Nicole, Zj, YengYeng + Me) went to Heineken's Event
A Night In Rome @ Mercedez Hap Seng
YengYeng the Roma's Finale 2009 Model

We were stop by because guests are required to register though SMS :)
Thanks YengYeng be the photographer :)

We can redeem some free gifts if we wear white that day.

How? Just place your mobile phone in the red area :)
It looks cool for me :)

Another lady that pose for me :)
She was incharge of Heineken's Member registration if I am not wrong.

We and Timothy + Audrey lovely couple arrived at the same time and hence can't miss the group photo session.
Wish them have a Happy Ending :)

Ange arrived later and the green bag is the freegift we redeemed
It is a very nice bag that can keep your beers cool.

We arrived earlier than most of the guest and it looks empty from the outside.

Same to the inside :)

We ordered 2 bucket of beer as there are promotion and no free flow that night
During that time I walk around the place and start snapping
The stage for catwalk later

The stairs that lead to somewhere private
Perhaps all the models are at upstairs setting their hair using REDKEN hair products

The stage for DJ
Anyway, I don't watch football, does I sound weird? =.="

Walk back to our table, snap a photo for the lovey "S.H.E."
Who is the prettiest? ;p

Ordered 2 bucket of beers and given 3 lucky draw tickets

The reasons I go for this event is

1. Explore new place learn new thing
2. Know more people from the social place
3. It is a non-smoking place
4. It is times to know more about beers
5. To meet Marion Caunter, which is my main reason XD
[First met @ Capsquare Earth Hour]

My first met with Stephanie, MikeYip and Joshua

A photo of Marion with her boy friend.
Are they couple? :)

To be continue @ RedKen Hairshow


  1. That is not her bf. He's from the event company.

  2. [Wilson Ng]
    Looks like there is another Marion fans here :)
    Thanks for the info XD


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