He say I am 50/50 Girl and Boy!

Today boring so I did a quest in Facebook
"Are you a girl or boy?"
And result... showing that I am 50/50 Girl and Boy.
Damn balanced lah! =.="

There is one of the question asking if I like square or round?
I just like both of the shape
Looks like people who like square = boy, round = girl, or vice versa?

That means if I actually forced to dressed like a girl and have a long hair. I might be a leng lui?

This quiz has further convinced me to have a makeover
But makeover does cost much money right?

Luckily one day received an e-mail from MyStar about the new contest organized by cloveTwo
*I am active in online competition ^@^" *

It is a Makeover Contest ONLY for Men.
So I hope I can increase my macho-ness through this opportunity.
BUT help needed, to be selected in this makeover, I can either nominate myself or YOU, to nominate me!

Prizes include Philosophy-Men voucher worth RM1000, Lab Series Skincare for Men products worth RM1500, plus a total makeover. And cloveTwo is looking for five lucky guys.

Once in, the five chosen ones will go through a pampering skincare and facial session, all complimentary, from Lab Series Skincare for Men. Next comes the hairstyling session conducted personally by our celebrity hairstylist. To complete the transformation, our expert consultant from Philosophy Men will dress them up with fashion vouchers worth RM1000.

Their transformation from average Joe to Mr. Suave will all be captured on video and will be uploaded to the competition website.


So, would you help Tian Chad or your beloved guy friend to be transformed and become a more macho guy?

Please nominate TianChad @


The only head-to-toe photo that I found for this makeover contest

With a sweet girl from Nuffnang @ LG Blog Launch Event :)
  • Name: Chen Tian Chad
  • Address: On my Facebook profile :)
  • E-mail: tianchad86@gmail.com
  • Contact number: On my Facebook profile for a limited time
  • Age: 23
  • Job Title: R&D Executive
  • Height: 176
  • Weight: 64
  • Favourite colour: Blue, green

If you made Tian Chad one of the lucky five, will be able to become a macho guy like him?
Who know? So please help Tian Chad by nominate him now!

Your support will change TianChad to become a better person :)


  1. Wah lau dude...u r seriously orang super-contest wei....all contest also take part one..

  2. [EVo]
    Without your support I won able to win also la ;p
    So, keep on support ya!
    Now I got something for Selena to help out ^@^

  3. U forgot to mention why u need a makeover :P

  4. [Francene]
    I have mentioned it on my new post :)
    But I still need your own reason why you need nomitae me too ;p

    Thanks if you nominated me~!


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