Ghost of GirlFriends Past. Do I just like Connor?

Since me and Nicole each of us have a pairs of tickets to "Ghost of GirlFriends Past" Screening

Nicole invited her sister [Wern] while I invited my friend MingTeng

After work and bath drive to Nicole house and planning to car pool

How I wish USJ has no traffic at all as I have waited for more than 3 rounds for that damn USJ traffic light

Thought of having dinner outside but Nicole semangat want to cook for us
So why not? Save money for dinner =)
All I can say is... the ALL-Mushroom-BeeHun is just okay and eat-able
Just that some of the mushroom are just too fresh!

But still I have fill my stomach all over with it la. It has been proven non toxic as I didn't have diarrhea afterward
Thanks for the free dinner ya!

Okay after dinner arrive One Utama
Redeem the tickets and got "I Love Nuffnang badges"
Wern is not hesitate at all to show her love to Nuffnang as an apreciation of free tickets ;p
Robb is behind swifting around

Since Wern has not enough food as her sister is not a very very good cook, she go to buy some Crispy Chicken and posed for "士林"
Can count how many Nuffnang badges in this photo?

This time we need to sit according to the number but still we are the early birds that went in
"nothing to do standing outside ar"
Of course a photo as usual in an outing

This is a fast 3,2,1 photo snap and Wern haven't finish transformed into a ghost, Nicole grabbing out her Camera, and Ming Teng just gave a "woo" pose ;p

Share some scene happened in this movie

I always wish I can met a ghost [I mean good soul so that it won't terrify me]

This time Connor met the Playboy ghost aka Uncle Wayne

It is really a big deal if you somehow ruined the wedding cake

Why does the girls shouted? Three of them excluding Jenny are just despo for "love" during the wedding in this movie.

The scene at the end of the movie when Connor proving that he is not fooling this time

“Connor is used to being the confident guy, charming and funny, kind of edgy and always at the top of his game. He’s really not out to hurt anyone, he just wants to have a good time. But he’s also a guy who has lost his way and doesn’t know it. He’s been playing this role so long he doesn’t even realize that in the end it’s a lonely path,” says Matthew McConaughey, who stars as the story’s perennial bachelor.

Anyhow, compared with "The Proposal"
"The Proposal" is still nicer~

I will rate this movie 7/10 as I was inspired by what Connor said when trying to persuade his brother's future wife go back to his brother (after he has ruined the wedding)
"Don't be afraid of loving someone, eventhough you know it might hurt you somehow"

But yet I still worry to fell in the "Love pool"
A I having "Love-phobia"? I guess I still do.

Thanks Nuffnang again for the movie.

Btw, going for the Men's Health & Shape NightRun now.
Hope to see some familiar face there and I won't fainted for just the 5KM run!!
*touch wood*


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