Threads of Destiny (Akai Ito) | Cinta Ria @ DJ

Yeap April 22nd was the screening for "Threads of Destiny @ Akai Ito"
Thanks to Shaz for the free movie tickets ^@^
Here is the trailer

Able to ask 3 friends to watch together.
We had dinner at "Cinta Ria @ DJ" [爱乐餐厅]

Order any of their house pastato win premium items from San Reno :)

While waiting for foods, snap photo first~!
The serious one.
The special one :)
Thanks for be my models ;p

Here is a little "think outside box thingy" for you. How to put an elephant into a fridge?
Notice the mug there? That is what we won by ordering the foods from San Remo Menu
I still think we won the BIG Prize but they gave us this instead of the Cooking Bowl...~

Here comes my order
Baked Cheesy Lasagna
I like cheese, that's why I love it more!

And LiErn with her Creamy Spaghetti

My turn with the foods XD
*Looks like my double jaw almost came out*

This is YengYeng's Spaghetti with the crunchy bread cube

YengYeng *slurping*

And MingTeng's Fabulous bread

You will start getting full once you finished the first half
Saw how BIG the portion is? :)

Now you can even drink well and live better at the same time
"Theanine" from Black Tea is beneficial for our brain
It will make you feel relaxed but still alert~!

Overall their foods are tasty and the price is affordable :)
I would like to drop by there again if I have another movie screening @ 1Utama

Add: 78 Jalan SS22/25, Damansara Jaya
Tel: +603 7726 8981

Food 4.5/5
Service 3.5/5
Ambience 3/5
Affordabty 4/5

This is what we saw in 1Utama
I wonder how it should looks like :)
Is it Music Bar?

Walking to the cinema and suddenly turn back and asked for a pose ;p
Which Barbee do you like?? XD

It was epic fail for me to take the group photo myself, that's why I asked for help
*No wide lens ar T.t*

Seems like Akai Ito is a movie for the girls?
They are all preparing to rush into the cinema as it is FREE Seating~!

And there is one MyFM Crew waiting for people to claim their tickets :)
He was then giving out movie merchandises in the theater and I still not brave enough to participate the game. I didn't bring my "Thick-face" that night ^@^"

Atleast got "camwhore" a bit in the theatre la XD

So what do I think about the movie?
It was showed that the 2 people who borned in Feb 29th that have birthday only 4 year once.
And they were somehow tied to the Thread of Destiny
You will see the other guy treat the girl and it is cruel.
And somehow misunderstanding can make people jump...

The most thing I like is their theme song

Maybe it is because after I saw the movie and fell in love with this song.
It is kinda hard to understand the storyline because the translation from Japanese to Chinese/English which "Made in Malaysia" is confusing and misleading at the sametime...

So now waiting for a better translation of this movie.
Enjoy the theme song!

After the movie, there was a rehersal for the models
They were all so tall and slim

They are actually preparing for the "Fashion On 1"
Which I am somehow interested but lazy to come for it ;p

If you are a RM0.50 coins lover, make sure you pay the parking tickets using RM10 note~! XD
I would use that to "转鸡蛋" which cost us 2 x RM0.50 for each "egg"
Wonder if we stil have those stuff around?

Stay tuned for tmr massive post! ^@^~


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