Most Wanted Ruumates @ GreenPacket RoofTop

Last Monday (25th of May) went to GreenPacket's RoofTop for
Ruumz's Most Wanted Ruumate Meet and Greet Session
Thanks to Stephanie for the invites

So, what is hiding behind the bushes?That is the P1W1max Office :)
Very curious to go to their rooftop as I saw trees on there

Using their elevator, went to 11th floor.
Saw this "Looking for Ruumate" Notice
Seems like all the contacts were taken!
Girls do like romantic music guy ha?! ;p

A welcome note on the rooftop door

I was welcomed by a ruumate and got a goodies bag from him :)
His name is......(Mind fill in the blanks for me? Haha!)

Yesh, I am now on the top of GreenPacket !
Luckily the rain has stopped
I think the ruumzster pray very hard for that :D

They do have a fountain on rooftop
From the top you can see the heavy traffic after work
Everyone was going home after a tiring working day

They have some nice refreshment there :)
Was hungry when see it but didn't saw anyone eating there ar.
So I just walk in and see if I see someone I knew
Saw Ellie and EuGene, the sweet couple :)

And the super younglook ruumzster - Nicholas Chhan
Guess how old is he?
Ohya, he is single and available! Interested ladies do go for it!

Had few glasses of orange juice and wait for the session to start
They have good designs for the rooftop :)
It would be a place for couple to hang out right?
Without the supervision of CCTV then can la

James Chong (P1 Executive Vice President) gave a speech after the judges arrived :)
After that Jiggee handle the rest along the session
He is a funny MC with a cool namecard
His namecard somehow looks like "Google" XD

Niki Cheong is one of the judges

Jiggee said SarahLian is picking ALL the guy finalist and she was denying it ;p
Jiggee, Sarah Lian(TV Host/Actress), Niki Cheong (Journalist, Columnist - The Star
Social Media Advocate) and Lu Jing Shia(Editor-in-chief, FACES Magazine)

Ross was there too!
Telling us that he don't even look at the guys profile as he just like girls. Haha!

Flyguy was immediately captured by DerekYap to take picture together after the introduction
Is Derek a hardcore fans of FlyGuy? Yes!

Okay, Jiggee introduce all the ladies finalists to come up stage.
All looking gorgeous :)

First one, Pearlyn Sin
She has a bright happy smile and don't like pink ;p

Next up, Melissa Lim
A pretty lawyer with nice dress

Here comes Amanda Choe
She looks cute and has a lot of nice picture at her ruumz profile :)

Next up, Ellie Chee
Cute, young, sweet future engineer :)
*My pictures is over exposed ar, paiseh*

This is the cool Kiwi See
She did a good catwalk! Her stare will stunt you!

Here comes Raeesa Sya
The lady that look at my compact camera but not DSLR ;p
She danced with the fountain~

And This is Kamen Liew
A bit hi and bye fast catwalk and I can't snap much photos of her ^@^"

There are three girls that can't make it to this greeting session

Rachel Beh, Coco and Sandra

Okay, guys turns
First one, the macho Reuben Samuel
He play good musics

And this is Lee Jing Cong
A guy that look so different without his glasses and shorter hair

Asran Zakry
The tongue sticked out guy
Wonder what he want to express
Do you have any idea?

This is Kingston Liu
The speechless guy in his current MWR Video, haha!
He keep saying he look so gay! XD
Do go visit his ruumz profile AND the video!
I am promoting for you bro ;p

Not forgetting DerekYap
The cool stud that have a deep desire to take off his shirt ;p

There are two guys that came late that night
Jiggee somehow managed to trick them to strip off, haha!
First one the "strip dancer" on RoofTop Boywin Lee
No shirtless photo of him as I scared the girls will drool
One of the goodlooking guy

Next up this really striping guy named Dicky Oscar
Makes alot of girl happy and shouting!

Afterwards DerekYap dare to strip too.
Alcohol do make someone braver! XD
*Derek remember to go to gym more often*
*Cos I guess the finalist need to catwalk in future events?*

Some other finalist that can't make it that night
Umar Shahir, David Lai, and Kalveen

This is the grp photo of the finalists who came earlier

Group photo of finalists with dearest judges.
Sorry not a good photo here
But hey, ruumz websites gallery got tons of their photos :)
Do click on this >> Ruumz's Meet and Greet Gallery

Some of the ruumsters spotted
Azni, Jennifer, Arsyan and ______. (Fil in blanks pls ;p)

And whole bunch of ruumsters

Went to have some drink and enjoy the nightview
Here are the backstage crews
Without the music it won't be fun :)
Learned a new quote from Jiggee
"Be a blogger, just don't be a bugger"

This is Stephanie and Benjamin

We, posed as a ruumz's "Shoppaholic"
Directed by Stephanie

We were suppose to pose like her ;p

Before I leave the party
Took some pictures with ruumzster and the judges
This is Jennifer :)
Thanks Kiwi for taking for us

And this is the Bangsar boy - Niki Cheong
I should have a better smile -.-"
Nvm, as long as others looks okay :)

Here comes Sarah Lian :)
Too hot so she tied up her hairs :)

And the friendly finalist Pearlyn

Saw Josh Lim again and
Met a lot of new faces such as Leonard, Kumaraguru, Frauine J.Hor from DDB, Jiggee the MC and many more!

Since I still need to work tomorrow and need to drive.
Cannot enjoy the freeflow beers and leave earlier ^@^"

Met FlyGuy and Ross in the elevator coincidentally and ask for group picture with both of them is a must ;p
Looks like I leave at the right time? XD
Do listen to their bling show @ Ruumz.FM
They made their own music mix :)

Meet and greet session end
Now all the finalists were given a task everyweek to do as 30% of the marks given by the judges.
This week their first task is
"Show us a day in your life with photos and videos. e.g. Your office, place of study, where you hangout etc."

This month is a voting month for all finalists.
So do vote for your favourite Most Wanted Ruumates ar!
Join ruumz by clicking here and start voting now!
Do you know that voters can also win ruumz's exclusive merchandizes?

Last but not least, be my ruumate and have fun @ ruumz!

*Let see if I am able to get an iPod Nano for this month? *
*The spirit is the thing that make you go further!*

For people who still dun know what is ruumz...~
Do click here!!


  1. Thanks for your support and best of luck with the Be My ruumate!

  2. Thanks ruumz :)
    Not much friend can be recruited now ^@^"

  3. u r really good in blogging. Everything are so details and complete. I read and laugh until i drop my tears.
    So funnny ~

  4. [Jing Jing]
    Thanks for the compliment :)
    I am glad that you like it!


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