Hennessy Artistry @ The Loft Upstairs (Asian Heritage Row)

One night, Hennessy Artistry Party was held at The Loft and Upstairs (Asian Heritage Row)
And I do fall dawn infront of the receptionist counter =.=
Blame the invisible stairs...
Here is where I crushed my camera but luckily it still working ^@^"

That is the day I forgot to bring the most important thing...My Memory Card!
Therefore, I depends alot on my camera's internal built-in memory
Here are some of the photos selected after hard decision made.
Hitomi learning how to switch the music from song A to song B.
You need a good tempo sense :)

Thanks to YengYeng, which is my partner that night to be my photographer
Took a picture with the Video-Mix-Lady

The time when the seats is still empty

It is a long wait but luckily we were accompany by free flow of Hennessy and refreshments
You can have your favourite mix here

Everybody was flashing him

A moment with the celebrities - Caprice & Starz Angels
Thanks to Zues!

Caprice was interviewed :)

A moment with the Hennessy Mix

Picture with Jess :)

Since my memory is limited, directly jump to the performance started by Caprice
Great dancers behind :)

Caprice's Friend name is _______(Need help ^@^")

A picture when Caprice is performing

Now you saw 3 dancers

Now the lighting make her StandOut ^@^

Amirah with Caprice

Caprice with Shamik Bilgi

The Clown dance

People do get high and dance on the little stage

Here is Hitomi and Zues

BreadPitt with his friend :)

And some outstanding girls in "Upstairs"
I think the girl in middle is the prettiest

Starz Angels do rocks! I love how they play and mix the music with the leads of good leader

Caprice with Amirah :)

The organizer ladies

Why do I have so much photo even I have limited built-in memory?Thanks to Ncole and Jian for coming as she lend me her memory card! XD
Thanks ya!!

That's why I took a lot of photo of u both ;p

Met some new friends as I start capturing their photo
Lesson learnt: Never simply take the photo of ladies without asking the permission from the guy who bring them in XD (even thought the girls is okay with it)
I didn't sence any "fierce spirit"- from the guy, but according to Nicole
The guy is getting pissed off when I took the photo of the girls without him ;p

Another guy with two girls ;p
The girl in green dress have a good looks

Again, Amirah :)
With a friend dance together
Here is where I knew Amirah

Due to my "thick" face aka bravery
Went to find Caprice for taking photo together, thanks Amirah for this photo

When there is no one else there to help you take picture
You need to "self-photographing" ^@^"
Harith Iskandar

At first Nicole not dare to go take picture with Caprice
After my persuasion (somehow it works XD)
She is very happy to take photo with Caprice.
No need thanks me ar *thick face again*

During the performance, the dancing Barbie came out :)
This is one of the barbie

Last but not least, took a photo with the Dancing-Barbie
*Forgot to adjust the exposure but it make her looks good*

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving us the opportunity to be at The Loft @ Upstairs with free flows of beers.
The beer stop being supplied after 11pm, this is the bad part :X

I still wonder why people say a person with fair skin have a lot of benefits =.="
My boss always say I look like wanna faint because of my white face...
Hmm I think I need to find some foods that are beneficial for blood making.
I look fair because my Red Blood Cells have unique shape
Wonder if it is amnesia or thalassaemia :X
*touch wood*


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