Visit To KTAR After Lunch @ Restoran SSL Noodle

One day afternoon, went to KTAR @ Setapak for company matters ;p
Had our lunch @ SoonSoonLai (SSL) Noodle Shop

SSL has implement a complicated order form.
B+C+D or B+C+E or whatever
I challenge it but my coleagues just straight away order a simple set ;p
*I wish SSL can simplify their menu!!*

The Indian guy that can speak multiple language
*Picture not blur on purpose ^@^" *

There is something annoying there
The flies!!
Even there have 3 insect killer.
It is still not enough to kill those flies...
If you are lucky enough you might found dead bugs in your drinks!
Why? Because those insects was exploded by the insect killer and accidentally drop into your drinks

Liew with his "Lo Mee"

And Pei Ying with her...errr..."Gon Lou ??? Mee" + 1 Ice Cappuccino

Here is my favourite
Chicken Drumstick Herbal Noodle

And myself with the food :)

Yeah, a photo courtesy of my friend
Basically it is nice you can enjoy the food in an air-con place with background music being played
But I feel that there are too much flies and the food quality has gone down if compared to last time.
Maybe they have change the cook?

So for those who interested do give it a try.
The place might be different if they saw my post? XD
They even have their own website!

After lunch went to KTAR and meet the lecturers
A community of microbiologist and chemist
Only remember Dr. Loke ;p

After discussing the matters about colaboration between my company and UTAR
One of the lecturer bring us travel around the lab to see whether the required equipment is available.

Went into the Spectroscopy room, saw alot of spectrophotometers!

Hmm this is errr...a high tech new analysis machine! XD

And these are the old and new AAS

Saw this cute sphere lyig inside the lab.
I guess it is a sphere to provide sterile condition?

And this is where all the microbes kept inside a fridge
Left 4 Dead...opps

The machine for small scale fermentation
Orbital Shaker

And the 1990's Bacteria Colony Counter with a BIG magnifying glass.

Hard to see this balance anymore. (as for me la)
How do you balance works and plays?
It is a big knowledge on balancing between two stuff ar

Lucky new KTAR Students will have new Science Lab soon!

Just before we left KTAR, had a photo with the chemist cum lecturer :)
*Paiseh forgot ur name!*

There I am! At UTAR Setapak ;p
The trees grow taller already!

Saw Chong Siang working as Lab Officer there.

And Uncle Tony that treat every girls like his daughtetr ;p

Later then, I become the hotographer for PeiYing as she met alot of friends there!

Now the UTAR Library looks more like a prison...
You cant event fall asleep infront of the desk anymore.
Because everyone will watching at you!

The UTAR Librarian that are still working there :)

Since we are running out of time, took some more picture before we get back to the office
The Solar Plate made by engineering student

Another two Solar plate :)
Hope they got sponsors to do this as it is costly

Last but not least, a picture of the water vapours evaorating from the ground.
It looks nice but you will feel hot and humid there.

This is a day trip from our company.
Looking for better collaboration party :)


Yesterday received the LG Party invitation from Nuffnang :)
This time they have better stuff as we will able to get one sticker for the free parking lot.
I was searching for somebody that can help me to take the passes and sticker but still haven't found one...[Picture courtesy of DustyHawk aka Serge]

Is it okay if I am not able to get the passes and sticker?
We can go in as our name already registered right?

Hmm, dressed as Angel or Devil?
See you guys on Friday anyway ^@^


  1. Hah! Chong Siong was our TA hehe. Is he ur classmate? Btw, where r you working now? as..? seeking for advice hehe to prepare myself after graduation

  2. still remember during our CPS (Pre U) in KTAR, the lab was so teruk, glad that they upgraded it...
    and u saw pei san !!! my FYP senior (^.^)

  3. [Jacquelyn]:
    He was :)
    I am now working in Puchong as a R&D Lab Assistant in Biofertilizer company. Advice? Study hard and start prepare ur resume and submit to Jobstreet ar. Most of all, find a job in ur interest :)

    Might even nicer than UTAR one le ;p

    When we saw the teruk one before we will appreciate the new one~

    PeiSan? the one on the left of PeiYing?

  4. i think that sphere thing is a dessicator.. and the ktar lab quite nice.


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