Collecting Old Newspaper Is An Easy Job?

On a very sunny day, me, LiErn, YengYeng, and HockSoon decided to collect ONP (Old Newspaper) as funds specifically for SOS (Saving Our Seahorse) in my current housing area. We start around 9AM and the damn sun is so happy to show up today... This is our first attempt to collect ONP from a family house.

It was a good start for us :)

Hock Soon, the guy who is protecting himself from UV wore a cap and have an umbrella with him. The Maxis Broadband Umbrella that I got from PC Fair. You can see belle at the fair too! [Click Here]

While working we can't forget to fooling around.
Mr. Paris with his lovely pet ;p

A troly to move "newspaper"

Nowadays people use trolly instead of coconut's or oil palm's leafs.
Yeah, she enjoyed it.

Not forgetting to get some macroshoot around my housing area :)

This is our campaign organizer, LiErn!
With MonaLisa's pose~

We met an adorable cute dog in one of the house~

He likes people!

See how cool he is?

Now he is listening to me :)

Haha, Mona Lisa smiled today!

Part of the ONP collected, 400++ kg here!
Lets take a rest, lunch time!

Another BIG pile here
I asked LiErn, "Still not enough ar...?"
Tired caring it over and over again

Saw the funny face HockSoon? He also got a DMC FX-100 like mine.
But his got "tattoo" on it. Make it looks more macho.
The "tattoo" was actually a scar he got after it fall down from hill with his master.

After lunch, we stil need to continue collect ONP
Saw that pie of ONP BUT we can't reach it...

We also manage to collect alot of junks.
Even got people gave us Lamp Fan & Water Heater

Work hard, push hard!

At last, our victory !

I still remember my houselord keep asking me when wil the lorry come to take all thes stuffs away. She really really worrid that her house become a "Recycle bin" ;p

A big applause to ourself for working hard the whole morning to collect these stuff.
You won't know how tired it was just to collect ONP until you tried it yourself.

When the lorry come, my houselord feel relieved! XD

A goodbye photo before sent to recycle centre

The price of newspaper will drop dramatically if it caught rain.
That's why they cover it.

20KG, okay can carry it to the lorry now

He is from epiSTAR

Luckily we got collected some magazines with higher unit price

So how much did we manage to collect??
More than 500KG of item we collected

I thought it would be more than RM200
but in reality it is only RM164.70....
The market price dropped, that's why.

After the whole thing
I promise to myself I won't do it again.(Unless it is for a good cause)
It is so tiring, we need to exposed under the bright hot sun, asking every house one by one.
Stil remember there are certain parents asking their children to said they are not at home.
We can hear you! =.="

There are certain people that very generous to give us all he have. While there is also some people that prefer to sell it to the newspaper collector.
I still remember it is funny to see other ONP lorries collector driving pass us and look at our newspaper. Luckily they didnt stop by.

So after a tiring morning-afternoon
Where did I go @ night? ;p


  1. DUDE..and my fellow BABEs..

    Do me a favour. If you need more things to recycle. Let me know. I have the whole lot of office boxes (which is quite heavy) to be donated sometimes. I can keep those stuff for you. But definitely not as high as the pile you guys collected.


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