Nudity on magazine cover, how Malaysia censor it?

Ever like to see pretty sexy celebrity on the cover of a magazine? Some who even nude for it? I am not talking about Playboy magazine la =)

Here is an example of how a female model/celebrity can be nude on a magazine without needs to censor any part of it.

Rihanna naked for GQ Magazine cover

Yesterday I visited a magazine shop to find new issue of Men's Magazine (Men's Uno, Men's Health ++) and saw a magazine cover that have two shirtless model on it. The focus point would be on the lady as she doesn't cover it up using her hand or arm. She just "contribute"/"showhand" her naked part for the magazine.

However, since Malaysia is not a so "open" country. This is what the magazine shop did to cover up her nudity.

Two blank price tag for each of her breast. I guess that means her boobs are priceless! Haha!

Now I wonder if there would be reader buying this magazine and remove the price tag just to see what is hiding behind. I hope that Malaysia didn't apply double protection as he might found the "pink button" @ nipple has been colored black using a marker pen. That would be so know la, a person with fully black nipples looks.....[Please feel in the blanks!]


mizztraveller said…
wow ..........rihanna very sexy......
lucky u not saw her pink/black @ @
TianChad田七 said…
[winter gurl]
haha thanks for dropping by =D
I guess hers is dark with a bit pink? don't know =S
John said…
kaupeh. malaysia no ban it? what is wrong with the law enforcer?
ohmywtf said…
the censorboard also got double standard one :-P
TianChad田七 said…
Cos it is not Malaysia's publish magazine

I will say it as a kind of art scarification

haha! icic~

Nya haha. Just for fun la ;p
Unknown said…
cover up the nudity wif price tag.... what a good idea....
Vince G said…
Wa, so low budget have to censor liddat ah.
TianChad田七 said…
Haha they are priceless ma =) Thanks for dropping by~!

[Vin Tsen Gan]
It is easier to put price tag than need to use marker pen draw on it. Still can remove the price tag to see ma, good also =)

Thanks for your LOL ;p

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