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iTalk Whoa is Nice to be Shared!

Remember last time I introduce iTalk Whoa and a long photo post about iTalk party @ Borneo Rainforest? Today I am going to share my experience using iTalk Whoa web interface.

It seems like there are more thing added up into iTalk Whoa. For example the Youtube Channel Tab.

Now I can also watch Youtube video from the iTalk Whoa web interface! Remember to check out my YouTube Channel. Don't ask me why I choose that username that has come with me since I was 13.

We all know that iTalk IDD (International Direct Dialling) Call has the cheapest rate calling both domestic and international number. Which is what my housemaid usually do. She will call back to Indonesia every few weeks to update with her family.

However she couldn't do it all by herself cos she is not used to key in iTalk IDD Card number in fast speed, then need to key in numbers and numbers again then only can reach to her family. If you are an iTalk IDD user I am sure you know what are the long steps right?

So I think I should share iTalk Whoa with her to get less hassle.

iTalk Whoa IDD has an easy-to-use interface especially for the calling. By using this she can call her family by skipping all the long steps. By just typing the phone number inside we just need to click "Call". That's all!

By using iTalk Whoa she can spend 10% less than usual iTalk IDD. Which means she can talk more with the same credit that she have! This is not only applicable to Indonesia, but it is apply to all international call =)

Now she is happy with it and I am happy that iTalk Whoa managed to help her. Nice thing are good to share! So why don't you register for one iTalk Whoa account now? It's FREE~!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)