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Dutch Lady World Milk Day 2010 | Pavilion + Amber Chia

So today (30th May 2010) is Dutch Lady Malaysia World Milk Day and there was an event organized at Pavilion this morning.

Dutch Lady Malaysia managing director Bas van den Berg said the task of promoting the importance of one of the purest nutritional sources from nature is a continuous challenge.

The non-retail limited edition milk packs are designs by PJ College of Art and Design students Amelia Ong Bee Leng and Ten Ming Khang which were chosen in a contest hosted by Dutch Lady Malaysia. They were awarded RM1,500 each for their winning designs.

Dutch Lady Malaysia is also inviting 2,500 Malaysians to Pavilion KL for a first ever Malaysian Book of Records attempt for “Most Number of People Drinking Milk at the Same Time” on May 30.

The attempt will be televised on TV3, followed by an exciting line-up of activities and performances by local artistes like Reshmonu. Registration for the attempt will be open at 10am.[It has been open earlier since the crowd start appearing at Pavilion, and run off so quick until no more goodie bag to be given out]

A contest will also run nationwide from May 8 to July 2 with prizes worth more than RM1 million waiting to be won.

A grand prize of a double storey terrace house with home decor package in Setia Alam worth RM750,000 as well as a Honda CRV and a Perodua Alza are just some great prizes up for grabs.

On June 1, Dutch Lady Malaysia will continue its celebrations by distributing free milk packs at selected toll plazas in Peninsular Malaysia and high traffic areas in the Klang Valley and Kuching.

Throughout the contest, eight weekly winners will also be chosen to win RM5,000 each.

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So I was there as early as 9.30AM today, the crowd already piling/queuing up there since 7.30AM. I guess mainly participants are students from different school. Happy that a girl among the crowd say hi to my camera =D

You need to register yourself to get a goodie bag. Which includes a World Milk Day T-Shirt, 2 pack of limited design milk, RM10 McD Gift Voucher (Maybe it is because Sundae cone is made of milk) and a bottle of mineral water. These goodie bag run out really fast because people came to Pavilion so early. Try imagine the scene when 2500 people want to register their name AT THE SAME TIME, it would be very crazy right? That's why the registration start before 10AM.

I got the number 2587 with a goodie bag at 9.30 AM something. This is how the T-Shirt looks like. *I like white T-Shirt because it is really cooling* Too bad to other people(including some of my friends) who came for this event but couldn't get a goodie bag and be part of it. However luckily they will still able to get free milk la =)

Saw the kids distributing free milk at varies location. Thanks to the school students.

Bumped into Michelle and HuaiBin while waiting for Tallboyz and Rames. Saw RedMummy, Budies and NicoleKiss later too, it seems like they have job to do =)
*Like the way Michelle's hair looks in this pict, thx to the wind*

So we camwhore abit

And a bit

Result of camwhore drink milk will make you taller instantly

Saw a kinda pretty VIP at the left. The emcee said Amber Chia was there too, but wasn't able to spot her.

The emcee - _________ [Please fill in the blank]
He is the guy who sing the advertisement song 24 hours for McD. Oh wait! That's why everyone get the McD gift voucher?

Spotted other Malaysia local celebrity too. My FM Royce, Era FM Dina, Pop Shuvit( if not wrong) and other Radio station's DJ too. The emcee mis-announced Dina as MyFM DJ. Woot, didnt know she can speak Chinese? *Like their expression, hahaha!*

There are young Milk Day Crews who will serve you buying Dutch Lady Milk at cheaper price. 1 carton for RM13. Cheap enough?

The crowd is still lining up but I am not sure what are they queuing for. Since it is getting hotter, we(Tallboyz + Rames + me) went to have breakfast instead of staying there.

Breakfast at Old Town Pavilion, with two D90 buddy. Woot~!

Then we hang out in the Pavilion and saw the epic scene where Amber Chia was helping distributing the milk to everyone. See the hand and crowds, omg...

Luckily Amber Chia stay on the Dutch Lady Milk lorry to make sure her baby is safe. Yeap, she is pregnant~! Congratz~! Somebody please advice her to eat more for her baby ar, she can get slim back easily one.


A tips for you all: Drink milk might make you look fairer~! But I heard if bath with milk the effects would be more obvious. So I hope you guys manage to get tons of free milk (White one, not chocolate ar) and have a great milk bath!

Then you can be as fair as me!! Hahaha.
*Taken during Phuket Trip by Xeroz and to be honest I am fair since I was born*

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial and I just wanna share something happen in Malaysia. Too bad didn't manage to snap photo with Amber Chia.

However look at the brightside, happy to hang out with Tallboyz and Rames. After today I will only park my car beside Pavilion instead of the expensive car park in Pavilion~! Thank you guys =D

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)